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>You see what you assume is a girl missing her pants
>What do you do?
I'm not sure what you're trying to get at here but I would ask how the fuck I can become a girl too.

Get out of this part town and hope i don't get mugged. I am not paying a hooker or neither am i risking my life unless i have to.
That supposed to be Suou?

Also, what was the purpose of this thrad again?
>what you assume is a girl
no, that is definitely a girl form Ranma
>I can't help but notice you haven't got any pants on. Would you care to get into mine?
Stick dick in butt; acquire sex
>I can't help but notice you haven't got any pants on. Would you care to get into mine?

The girl stares at you with about one parts astonishment to three parts disgust. Not the best emotional cocktail you've ever made.

'...What? Are you hitting on me? I need some fucking pants you prik!'

The girl storms off in the direction of a charging gorilla with blue hair. You get the impression that remaining here any longer could cost you your life.

Good job. Would you care to try again?

[ ] Reload your save
[ ] Pursue in spite of Lu Blue
[ ] Summon your chi...now release!
[ ] Screw this adventure, go find some questionable girls on the high seas
[ ] Genuflect
>[x] Awaken my Vector Powers
[X] trying to save my own pants.
Holy shit that would be horrible.
I can't get off my mind me trying to rape when suddenly i'm stucked IN his penis. How that's never happening in hentai?
File: 1388427685296.png (396.05 KB, 652x720)
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Ranma isn't a real girl.
Drowned Girl is.
You feel it.
Your mind formulates its own reasoning, it's own world.
You split yourself from reality, and substitute your own.
Logic is your bitch. Math is your weapon. Direction...wherever the the fuck you want

'KUEA AHAAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!!!' You cackle like a fucking idiot. Passersby in the park who were otherwise enjoying a relaxing afternoon stare at you in a mixture of worry and irritation.

'IT'S NO GOOD!' You screetch like a spastic bat, 'NO ONE SAYS NO TO ME!' and you smash the floor with all your calcs.
Debris flies as a crater opens up beneath you, bouncing harmlessly from your person.
Yes, you're unstoppable now. Your power is already maximum. You've reached level 6, 120% power, Form 7, STRIKE-ON!

But then you get punched in the face. You don't go flying, so much as fold up like a bitch and cradle your busted face in your hands, a major nosebleed now streaming through the cracks in your fingers.

'Stop that, Protagonist-kun! You can't lead your story that way!'

You manage to raise your eyes enough to spy the spiked, navy-haired girl in a dull looking t-shirt and jeans who just slapped your shit. She seems genuinely concerned for you. She's also rambling about the right course of action and the morality of man as interpreted by a dozen different philosophers, but you drown it out. Shit just isn't going your way today.

Oh yeah, and you just got dragged into the Touma route. Hope your happy.

>Hope your happy
I sure am.
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Well, good.
I'll try and put together a proper CYOA if this thread is still alive in the morning. I always end up finding these threads at the small hours of the morning and it just doesn't mesh well. Hopefully see you all in a few hours.
Isn't it bad enough that CYOAs and quest threads destroyed /tg/ and /u/, must they take /a/ from me as well?
But CYOAs are great. Especially those about turning into a girl.
present myself.
Challenge her to a ridiculous and nonsensical martial arts contest involving some innocuous everyday object or activity. E.g. martial art postage stamp collecting.
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>Dat sexy fire red hair

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