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What the fuck is his problem?
he is Kal-el half brother
commie when
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Is this legit
Commie's messes up MC's name.
There's no need to wait for them.
Seriously now. Is she using pads when dressing up as Nina Viento? That's the only fucking explanation!
As far as I know his actual name is Karl Albus and his pseudonym after adoption is Kalel

What's the problem.
If I download HS I will be actively killing fansubbing, but I'm impatient.
When are they going to start dying?
Remember that scene of his mother?
She called him Karl there, his real name.

But Commie changed that to Kal, sort of new nickname. Because Kal-el and all.

And there are several instances in the second episode as well.

I bet Commie will, yet again, simply change Karl to Kal.

If you haven't been spoiled yet, after watching the second episode you'll understand.
but m-muh autism
Why was the last thread deleted?

Did /a/ get /jp/'s janitor or something?
Why was this thread deleted

Looks fine to me.
He wants the dick.
What does that have anything to do with autism?
Do you think a mother would call her child by the wrong name?

And obviously these scenes are intentional, related to the story, and important.

Mods are total idiots.
The moment they see LN pictures they more or less delete the thread.

Been for the past few days like that.
I'm just going to start watching the live stream and then downloading Commie afterwards, but I'll download HS today and rename it to Commie.

You've read the novels? Do you think we'll get anime original ending? The open-end spoilers posted last week seem very unsatisfying, fuck open- endings
I don't think that they'll pull an original ending for a LN that was finished in 3 years ago.
Nah her breasts were large in the first episode when she met Karl

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