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So I just finished Juuni Kokuki, and really liked it but it ended rather abruptly. We still don't know what happend to yuko and the black kirin and it dosen't look like we will get a sequal so the question is, is there a manga or translated novel one can read or is this forever condemned to be incomplete?
>translated novel one can read

>or is this forever condemned to be incomplete?

Also yes. The author seems to have lost interest but honestly Youko's story could have ended with the anime.
I fucking hate that Black Kirin, it could have been better if they spent that screentime on Youko's struggle at rebuilding her kingdom.
Okay so I used some google skills and found this: http://www.eugenewoodbury.com/ here you can read the first 4 volumens translated, online and for free. and it seems like you can get them from amazon but they are expensive and like >>100174935 said the story is incomplete so we only have 4 volumes.
Good news, in 2012 they started reprinting the volumes again in japan so the series is not completly forgotten.
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I love the female characters in Juuni Kokuki. They're all psychopaths at one point or another.
The author is a woman so she knows fully well how fucked up femals can be.
in the book she's a very very minor sidecharacter that doesn't get brought into the world. (Basically they split the personality between her and the MC)

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