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Time for a slightly late Yowamushi Pedal thread, get in while it's airing
Can anyone who has read the manga guess how the pacing will play out for the remaining episodes? It feels like it's sped up a lot of recent
I love how the Yomamushi thread at /n/ has been open for over a month already and how one of the strikers for /n/'s team in the 4-chan cup is named Yoamushi Pedal.
Meant. Yowamushi.
One epic bro moment coming up soon in the anime!
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The show hasn't featured too much of Kanzaki recently, is her character doomed to fall by the wayside?
Anime might put more skits in there for her. The post ED skits added a lot already
>T2 next week
Fucking finally.
That fucking stage musical.
How do you find the new OP/ED compare with the old ones? The original ED was so much fun that it actually made me a little disappointed when they introduced a new one
Episode 13 was chapter 44. That's the first chapter of Volume 6.

If the pacing keeps up, we'll reach volume 18 with the remaining 25 or so episodes.

No idea what happens though, I've only read what little is avaliable, up to volume 9.

I absolutly love the new opening. Cannot wait for the single to come out, I am listening to the TV size on repeat all day
Oh seriously? That's covered a lot more chapters than I'd expected, it's not in any danger of fully catching up with the source material is it?
File: o7xy1kvy.jpg (1.23 MB, 1740x1342)
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I haven't read the raws, but maybe it ends after the Inter Highs. Or after some events after the Inter Highs.

Gotta wait and see
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File: lance in yowamushi pedal.jpg (148.14 KB, 1280x720)
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Found this from the /n/ thread. My sides
I wonder how fast Lance Armstrong would be inside the Yowamushi Pedal universe.
They always make those high schoolers seem like demigods on their bike but they are still just high schoolers
This show is becoming more and more gay with every single episode. I kinda like it.

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