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Does anyone else get kind of irritated with how predictable and one-note all the jokes are in SYD?
They shoehorn something about dicks, vaginas or masturbation into EVERY fucking joke. Suzu is the only interesting character. I'd like the show a fuckton more if it tried a little more character-based comedy and didn't spam sex jokes constantly.
It became predictable around episode 2 of S1. Are you retarded or something? The only ones who still watch it do it for the shipping.

top lel

Comparatively, she's much more interesting than the other two main girls.

Aria's only thing is that she likes it up the ass, and president is obsessed with masturbation.

That's it.
You should read Imouto wa Shishunki. It's pretty much all this mangaka knows how to do. But the humor comes more from the character interaction than the one trick jokes. It's not laugh out loud funny every time someone says boner, but the hundredth time it happens it becomes kind of endearing. Like this is the shit Tsuda has to put up with every waking moment so you might as well smile.
Why the fuck are watching SYD if you're tired of the jokes? Did you not catch on that they're all similar by now? There's been a whole season and 12 fucking OVAs you idiot.

All in all you're clinically retarded and should stop watching

What he said. But it does also nail some shit every now and then and gets real laughs. But for the most part it's just smiles and some "oh you" moments.
Isn't like that for every japanese comedy?
>more character-based comedy
It's a show about perverts. Spamming sex jokes is character based comedy here.
It's not really about the punchline OP. It's more about character interactions, the setups, and reactions. While every now and then the punchline can be funny, it usually isn't so much the goal.

I mean like first episode of S1 when Shino was talking to Toki and she ended up turning it into an S&M joke out of nowhere got me, that one was fun.

Pretty much.

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