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season 2 when
Hopefully never
soon I hope
I need more himeko waifuba in my life
The show was literally forced drama.
Can you explain forced drama?
I don't understand
Only parts I'd say were forced (though those times were pretty irritating) but for the most part I'd say the drama in not knowing who you can trust literally with your body and being able to accidentally read a friends mind is pretty apparent in itself.

I liked the show but if there's one thing I really hated it was half the characters shutting themselves in at home and crying for like 3 episodes each.
That teacher guy literally forced them into drama which would not have existed if he did not force them.
you didnt watch the show
Way too cheesy for me. Didn't even bother to finish the continued episodes.

Anyways, I doubt a season 2 would happen because of the hiring prank.
Uh, you didn't actually say which parts you thought were forced.
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most of the iori shit about not knowing who 'she' is
when yui didnt wanna leave the house for fear of hurting people
whenever 2 characters had an argument about something that turned into them screaming and crying at eachother until one screamed something nice at the other so they made up (happens like 5 times)

I didn't say which ones cause I was arguing against it being forced but w/e

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