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Anyone know how to use tracker.anime-index.org? Specifically for torrent RSS Feeds? Shit's not as easy to use as nyaa or other trackers.

Why can't Doki use nyaa like the rest of the fansubbing community anyway?
The real reason is why the fuck are you downloading Doki?
What's wrong with Doki?
>Why can't Doki use nyaa like the rest of the fansubbing community anyway?
Fansub drama.
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>wanting to download Doki's Wizard Barristers
File: >doki.jpg (210.48 KB, 1280x720)
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>The offense of using magic in commission of a homicide,
>as well as in the destruction of a railway vehicle, which resulted in many casualties
>and serious social unrest among the citizenry, is very grave.

HS wording is not the best, but it sure beats Doki's "You have given residents of the city a monumental task", not to mention how Doki completely fails to mention the usage of magic... when they're in magic court.
File: >doki.jpg (242.56 KB, 1280x860)
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>But if she's late, perhaps it'd be best if you had her resign?
>I'd rather not work with someone who lacks social responsibility.

Doki also seems to have a lot of typos, like the missing punctuation here.

tl;dr Doki sucks, especially when they're doing original translations.
Here, I feel like actually helping you.

If you use firefox you can find an RSS for any site by simply hitting bookmarks, and subscribe to this page. That will bring up an RSS feed, and on sites like nyaa it will keep your filter settings, no idea about that site though.

But in all honesty you really shouldn't be using doki in the first place.
>Why can't Doki use nyaa like the rest of the fansubbing community anyway?

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