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I understand the rest of their powers, the guy with the headphones can move at the speed of sound, some of the other guys can do some stuff as well, but what the fuck is this guys power exactly? He...what...scanned someones body...and then replicated it or something? Are those golden gloves on his forearms always there?

Not sure what the fuck is going on in this anime either. It's kinda like get backers, maybe? Except it's just a bunch of hot bishounens doing it, instead of two?

Can someone explain to me what the fuck is going on? This anime looks pretty badass, and I wanna get into it, I really do, but I have no idea what's really happening. They're a detecive agency, with 8 people?
I thought that was Ric from Arakawa under the bridge
No no, although you have a point, now that I look closely.
I doubt the gloves have anything to do with the eye. The eye is just there because he's a doctor. It could be the other way around but whatever. I think the gloves are nothing more than powerful mechanical gloves. Maybe they can be used for fixing wounds, who knows.
He's a doctor. He 'scanned' their bodies in search of weak spots. The gloves are SCIENCE, since his ability isn't offensive.

Basically, yeah, it's like Get Backers/Durarara/Darker Than Black. They're a group of people with powers doing detective work.
He's a Solar Exalted op. Exalted by the Unconquered Sun, wielding charm of golden glory. It's like you never read the core rulebook you goon.
So, from what we collected we can assume that his power is buffing his body capabilities with science.
go back to /tg/ with your exalted shit, come back only when you played a game with a setting that doesn't seem something from a Gaiman fanboy on Fanfiction.net
Double Cross for example
Best character. Everybody else uses crazy filter powers while he just punches shit with cool golden arms.
OP Here. So essentially, he can - if he takes the eyepatch off, look at tits, pussy, and ass all day long if he wants too?

Best. Power. Ever.

Also the golden gloves are ok too

But yeah, so they're pretty much all detectives doing on the spot jobs for money? It's a pretty fun anime from what I saw from episode 1. I'm definitely going to watch more of it.

Dr. Golden arms is best character IMO
He's a stoic, smooth operator, smokin hot bishounen.

This anime had a manga as its source material, right? Or is this a completely original anime? Also, is it a 2 cour?

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