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“I’m afraid I’m going to have to cancel the whole thing at this rate.”

“What’s that?”

Tiana looked up at the sound of her roommate’s voice and immediately averted her eyes.

“Nothing,” she mumbled into her hand. “Just talking to one of the operators.” She turned her head and scowled at the laugh that brought from her partner.

“You’re not pulling out on me now, are you?” Subaru gave her a cocky half-grin as she stood in the bedroom doorway, sipping something from a carton. “After I spent so long getting the reservations.”

“Shut up,” barked the redhead, and tossed a pale blue cushion at her roommate. She watched it bounce off Subaru’s body and skitter across the bedroom floor, her face heating slowly. “And don’t just stand there like that! What if someone outside sees you?” Subaru blinked at the remark.

“Is there something wrong with the way I look?” She strode across the kitchen floor and leaned up against Tiana’s cooler, letting her upper body press against the smooth, chilled white surface with a satisfied sigh. Tiana gawped at her.

“Don’t put your sweaty tits on my food!”

“I thought you liked my tits,” replied Subaru with a devious look. She put one hand round the back of the refrigerator and pressed herself tightly up against the slick metal surface, letting out a soft, breathy sigh as her nipples stiffened at the sensation. “Besides, it’s my food too,” she argued, sticking her tongue out while her cheeks slowly coloured every bit as scarlet as her partner’s.

“I don’t like having your sweat all over my food,” Tiana barked back at her, then turned her attention to her conversation instead.
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Her eye continued to wander, however, toward the sight of Subaru’s almost-naked figure pressed against the side of that sleek white surface. She followed Subaru’s hand reaching into the refrigerator and stealing a can of something or other from the top shelf. She felt her eyebrow twitching when the blue-haired girl neglected to close the door, instead letting the cool air from inside wash out over her bare chest and stomach.

Subaru brought the can to her lips with one hand and pinched one of her nipples with the other, giving a satisfied sigh at the result. She gulped, and trickles of dark fluid spilled from her lips and dribbled down her throat and chest. She kept gulping until the flow reached and passed her navel, and then down the sloping curve of her lower abdomen. When the trail of moisture was just reaching to the mound of her pubis, she pulled the can from her lips with a gasp and turned her head in Tiana’s direction.

“You’re out of orange.”

Tiana growled and stabbed at a button on the terminal in front of her.

“Is this you being more like a guy or what?” That just got another giggle out of the blue-haired girl.

“This is me being your annoying girlfriend.” She pouted her lips out playfully in response and let the can dangle from her fingertips down by her hip. Under Tiana’s watchful eye, she brought that metal cylinder round and angled it until the chilly surface bumped against the underside of her waning erection. “This is me being more guyish.” She slowly angled her hand back and forth, letting the damp metal surface glide up and down against the sensitive flesh of her penis, each stroke bringing a pulsating throb that ran the length of her member until it was standing rigid once more.

“Stop that,” stuttered the redhead, her face almost as dark as her hair. Still she couldn’t seem to tear her eyes away. Subaru just stuck her tongue out again.
ohh god, not this shit again

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