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So /a/,

/mu/ crossboarder here.

I keep noticing anime defening threads where a quote by anime industry guys is posted talking about "the death of the industry" (Eventhough it's pretty much the contrary)

So the question is:

Why don't you ban those threads like we do?

I mean, we ban music defeners, rap haters, reddit, Pop Music haters, EDM haters and Dadrockers every day.

So why aren't you banning those shit "anime is dead" threads?

Because mods are fags
But anime is dead.
The fields are drastically different. You're comparing art to cartoons. One anybody can make at any time while the other requires an entire studio with the intention to make a profit.
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We have 'ban the crossie' and 'ban the recommendation' already, so it's working out fine.
A little drama won't hurt all that much, especially since most of the really cancerous tripfags stopped comming regularly, or posting at least.
Do we look like mods to you?
Depends on the threads. If they're pure trollbait threads and if a janitor/mod is around, they'll end up deleting it. Sometimes though, we can get some decent discussion about the industry.
Why don't you ban tripfags?

>Anime is dead

No it isn't.

If anime is dead, then why is Mushishi getting a second season?
Because people are afraid of creating original stories? Sure, let's get more SoL manga and LNs adaptations, instead of exploiting the capacities of the medium to their full extent.

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