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What the fuck am I even watching anymore
A shit show
That looks like a batmobile in tights with some composite cables
>Gotou says that real life is hard and that he should stop doing this
>suddenly next episode there's some monster and then big villain and giant robots
>implying Hazama isn't in a coma because he fucked up
>implying this isn't all just his dreams
It's black PS1.
Not even that could save the show
Why isn't Gotou the MC?
I honestly have no idea. There has to be a twist at some point.
The change in tone and direction has been way too drastic and ridiculous.
One of the worst things I've ever watched. This is a show the truly deserves to bomb hard.
If anything it would make it worse for wasting so much of our time with bullshit.

Man, imagine if every single one of them got an episode or two like the 'Four King'-type fights normally do.
10 bucks says they'll skip the 63 monsters.
I hope there is some sort of twist to this, the animation and monster design has done nothing to justify all these escalating monster battles.
I just want my SOL back.
This show has really been kind of random overall.
>4 kings
>4^3 kings
>4^3^3 kings
The greatest show in the history of television.
>I hope there is some sort of twist to this

But there's been a lot of twists in every fucking episode and that's 95% of the problem.
I think the show is pretty cool.
The OST and both ED's are fantastic as well
They've made it painfully obvious that you shouldn't be taking any of this at face value. I don't think it'll all be a dream or anything, but it's also not straight "defeat the evil organization and save the world". The point is mostly Masayoshi learning what it means to be a hero, and currently it means learning to be a leader. The fact that I don't care for any of the other Flamengers as characters didn't help make these last couple of episodes interesting though.
Anyway, King Torture's arc also went full silly and ended up having a pretty good conclusion so I don't see why the same can't happen to the Flamengers arc.
A show desesperately trying to lose viewership. For what purpose? Fuck if I know

Ehhh. The conclusion to the King Torture arc was only good in that King Torture was also a nerd like SamFlam and they had a duel. But the fact that he had alien technology, and made a giant missile base, and then aliens actually fucking showed up afterwards was still complete shit.

It was way better as a SoL when it had some semblance of realism. At best, SamFlam should have gotten athletic and a little bit combat savvy but would still have trouble fighting like 3 guys at a time. Not hordes of purse snatchers.

Then King Torture shows up, but instead of people literally turning into mutant gorillas and shit, they're just other nerds that have imbedded bombs and knives and shit in their body for the cause.

Show climaxes with KT and SamFlam dueling, chainsaw vs deadly stationary weapon. KT dies, Goto is forced to arrest SamFlam because he killed a guy.

Would have been way better.
File: what makes a hero.gif (1.33 MB, 1364x3836)
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Well, I can't agree with this. It would've been something completely different, but better? Worse? Apples and oranges. It would be hard to keep it interesting anyway. What would Flamenco even fight against? Yakuza?

Personally, I rarely care for realism when watching cartoons anyway. The exaggeration and expressionism in anime is what draws me in in the first place, and as a former toku fan I thought Samumenco continued very fun even after the tone shift.
Most episodes still have a strong focus on character interaction/introspection, so the change was far less drastic than posters on /a/ would lead you to believe. There's just a lot of people who, for some reason which is lost to me, are really put off or even offended by the introduction of a fantastic element in the fluff of the series. So now instead of Crate Criminal you have Kingtendo 64, it's not really that big of a deal.
I guess I can get the people complaining the show isn't as comfy anymore, but well, it was a necessary sacrifice to make shit get real.

>Show climaxes with KT and SamFlam dueling, chainsaw vs deadly stationary weapon. KT dies, Goto is forced to arrest SamFlam because he killed a guy.
>Goto is forced to arrest SamFlam because he killed a guy.
That would've been terribly anticlimactic.

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