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So I just watched all of season one and of course, the only episode of the second season to be out so far, but there's an issue. I can't find the a working download of the 3rd ONA anywhere or the 6th Lite episode. Anyone wanna help a fellow /a/non out?
Also, general discussion. What do you like about the show? Who's your favorite character?
Those episoes are out there, but you're not missing much.
>What do you like about this show
Interesting balance of action and comedy, the characters aren't shit
>Who's your favourite character
Shinka obviously
>Interesting balance of action and comedy, the characters aren't shit
This really was the best part. I haven't laughed so much in a while, that alone made this show great for me. Animation was of course great during those imagined battle scenes since thats easily Kyoani's best strong point, but I was really surprised at how well even the drama in the story was. It's not amazing or anything, but it wasn't out of nowhere, thrown into your face like a mudslide, or awkwardly place in the story.
As for me, my favorites is a tie between Shinka and Yuuta with Rikka a very close second.
Funny enough, I managed to get this episode just moments before I saw your posts, but thank you. Still looking for the 3rd ONA, don't know how it keeps evading me.
What do you mean by ONA because the Lites are the ONAs.
Final8 release seems to have everything including the Depth of Field episodes.
Er, my apologies, last thing I was missing was the 3rd Depth of Field episode.
And now I have it all, thanks for the help guys. Also, it looks like there was another chuu2 thread going on already, I should've checked first, my bad. This thread doesn't seem lively anyway, so I guess I'll just delete it and simply lurk a better thread later. I appreciate the help.
>so I guess I'll just delete it
Good luck.

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