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went to go watch Evangelion 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo at the theater today, and man does Shinji piss me off. anyone else see it at the theater? if so whats your impression?
Worst of the movie series which is already inferior to the TV show.
If you're not a Reifag it was pretty decent certainly a more interesting experience than 1.0 and 2.0.
it was hard to watch when the autistic kid with the fedora on behind me was talking through the whole movie
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>going to theaters to watch anime
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>watching 3.33
>nobody bothers to take 5 minutes to explain ANYTHING to Shinji about how badly he FUCKED UP
>maybe if Kaji was captain instead of a bunch of angry, bitter Christmas Cakes on the rag somebody would've taken 5 fucking minutes out of their busy day to deal with the planet's most dangerous fuckup
If anyone knew what the fuck they were doing then everything would be solved within minutes.

But nope, hurr durr everyone is depressed and awkward, eva 2deep best anime ever
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I honestly can't believe the faggots that say 1.0 was better than 3.0.

1.0 was a bland and boring remake while 3.0 was engaging and interesting. Not to mention the visuals and sound were better than anything from 1.0 or 2.0
>3.0 was engaging and interesting

Really? I fell asleep during it. Shinji spent what, an entire hour of the movie moping around in an nearly empty compound? Taking a break now and then to play some piani?
I don't know then. I personally found it interesting to see shinji reacting to how everything was fucked up along with a situation we have never seen him in before.

Seing him mess up even more with everything almost going down the gutter towards the end was entertaining for me.

Not saying it was fantastic but certainly a lot more fun than 1.0.
3.0 should have had all the meandering boring parts cut out, condensed and put into 4.0.

It's pretty clear they were stalling for time and trying to pad it out under the guise of drama and poignancy, but it just bored everyone to tears. Only the first and last 10 minutes were the only important parts.
Eva fans who like 3.0 are exactly what I expect them to be. Absolute morons.
They dress, behave and smell bad.

The movie itself I thought was pretty but absolute crap. Standard anno-tier "trolling" as said fans would have him do.
Considering it was a movie theater/restaurant and I got to see it with s bunch of friends along with strangers it wasn't half bad. Better than just sitting at home
1.0 is better than 3.0 in my opinion. 2.0 is better than 3.0 as well.

3.0 will attract some people since it panders very hard to them. I usually like big, massive convoluted narratives, but this one was far too easy to see through. It was outright shallow instead of thought-provoking, and no, "why did they make this" is not a thought worth provoking.

To be honest, it was boring. I've watched NGE. I know things get worse, and I know how the story goes around episode 23/24, so the minute Shinji was being treated like shit, they gave away the direction of the entire movie as well as the plot.
It's similar to NGE, but without what made NGE good and engaging. Some parts I was sure, or felt like they went out of their way to make less engaging.

When Kaworu appears for the first time and has an impact on Shinji, the exact one he needed, it's interesting, but this time it's contrived and forced. It's just for show.
When Rei changes after "dying", it's heartrending yet the character retains composure. This time it was just retarded, literally.

The rest are just moe versions of their older self, only they're edgy now.
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Do you guys think the recent rise in anime in movie theaters has attracted normalfags and caused the recent escalation in shit threads? Just look Madokafags, they reek of teenagers and wageslaves.
Has shinji cried once in rebuild? Has he even kissed anyone in rebuild yet?

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