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So /a/, what is your reason for watching anime, and do you still enjoy it like you used to?
Depression and habit. No, but there's nothing better to do either
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to acquire the newest sip pictures
Because it's neat.

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and yes I still enjoy it
I find animation fascinating.
I watch both anime & western cartoons.
Because I like it.

And yes, despite /a/'s best efforts, I still love watching anime.
I want to rape Suzu
I'm bored mostly and have nothing else to do.

I don't have the drive to watch things like I did 10 years ago but I still enjoy it quite a bit.
I don't get her appeal.

She doesn't even look like a little girl, just a really short highschooler.
I think I still enjoy it, though seasonal shit is getting old. I want to watch all that shit on my backlog instead of watching more average bullshit that keeps getting pushed out each season.

My reason mixed between escapism and general enjoyment. Look at series like Kino, Lain, Mushishi. You can really get that anywhere else.

So? Let him want to rape whatever cartoons he wants.
Because I enjoy the stories.

Yes, but I'm finding myself doing more and more rewatches lately. I've seen a lot of the good stuff - enough that there aren't too many classics left to tackle - and I've learned the hard way how many forgettable series get made every year.
Watched since I was young because it was cool as fuck. Made friends because we watched the same shit so it became even more fun to watch it with them. Then over time my friends either stopped watching because they either "grew out of it", or they moved away, died, or stopped being my friend for over some other stupid shit. I still watch it because of those memories and because its still cool to watch it and I still enjoy it.
Not really. I try to watch maybe one show a season and end up giving up usually. The last shows I watched completely were Hataraku and Steins Gate. If there is something to look forward to please tell me. I'm probably going to wait a couple of years for vinland saga to finish then start reading that and dorohedoro again. Maybe there will be other stuff then.

Holy shit the captchas are hard now.
Because I have nothing else going on in my life.

More than I ever did, this season I'm watching at least 30% more ongoing shows than I ever did.
I think above all else, I just like LOOKING at anime. I might enjoy it for somewhat different reasons than when I first started seeking stuff out, but I think it's still mostly along the lines of trying new things.
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I use to enjoy watching anime without /a/.
Now i can't watch anime unless i have some reason to discuss it on /a/.
I watch in a feeble attempt to capture that magic and enjoyment that anime used to give me years ago.
Because It's entertaining and it's convenient when you're at university and only have a shitty laptop with you
As a form of escapism for my horrible life. I'm not actually sure if I like it though
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Went to Japan and was introduced to a couple of cool shows and manga by the host guy.

Don't watch anime much apart from something like 1 show every 2 seasons and even then I'm behind by a week or 2, I pretty much just read manga now.
So much this.

Also, I feel almost like it's a chore now. No matter if I watch 1 or 20 shows a season, I always seem to get behind. I go back and half rewatch things I've already seen instead, or read manga or something. Is there something wrong with me?
>So /a/, what is your reason for watching anime
I've always liked animation as a story telling medium so it was inevitable that I'd wind up watching anime. As to how it became my main medium, well, I have no idea on that.

>and do you still enjoy it like you used to?
Maybe? That's pretty hard to quantify. The newness of anime has long since worn away and the time-filtered pile of good stuff has either been watched or never aged well. I find it's more about the search for a series I like and think is good out of the piles of shows that get made every 3 months.

I've also long since made peace with the idea that what I want in anime and what gets made by Japan are usually -- but not always -- two entirely different things, and that not every show has to match up to whatever mind-blowing series you saw in for formulative years. There's nothing wrong with watching and being entertained by shows that are just fluff or flawed in some way, shape, or form.
I like the cute girls.
I like animation
There's an endless supply of it
I like /a/

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