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What the fuck was the author thinking.

I can't even express how mad I am, should have dropped it at the gorilla part
I started thinking of dicks at that part. Is that what director-kun aimed for?
Did everybody else drop it?

I dropped it at Gorilla. I didn't think the show was bad, but clearly it wasn't for me anymore.
Considering that MMM34 was blushing lewdly when the attack hit, yes.

I personally thought it was funny. But yeah, I also have no idea what the fuck this show is doing anymore.
>implying Masayoshi won't turn to the dark side and the new OP will showcase that which is why this episode's OP had reused footage
I want to get off of Mr. Bones' wild ride.

But really, this show was so fun and then Gorilla. But in the end, Gori x Torture arc ended really well, so we'll have to see where this Sentai bs goes.
I am pretty sure plot for 2nd cour is randomly generated by computer by combining buzzwords
I think the writers got bored and just wanted to cover every sentai thing in the book.

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