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File: 1369916601870.jpg (604.34 KB, 1028x1499)
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You must babysit the mashimaros. What do?
Lick them all over.
File: 1387751903627.png (95.11 KB, 534x664)
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95.11 KB PNG
I don't know, but I definitely won't be sorry.
>Inb4 pee in miu's butt
Molest Chi ignore rest
I have sex with Chika while Miu helps hold her down.

I leave the other two to their own devices. They can fend for themselves.
File: 1348804186011.jpg (346.44 KB, 700x560)
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346.44 KB JPG
Achieve my dream of cuddling with Chii-chan
I'll just order a pizza and make the mall watch scary movies.
Make them go to bed early then raid the fridge and sit my ass on the couch and watch TV until the parents get home with my money.
How would you fit the Mall inside the house?
Hide 'n seek, tag, and art are usually my go-to activities when I get stuck watching kids. I try not to let them sit around playing videogames or watch TV and luckily the Mashimaro's don't seem to be into those things. We'd probably end up playing some pretend game. Miu's a troublemaker so I'd have to do my best to keep her entertained though.
I'll find a way. You worry about providing the tip, and leave the rest to me.
I let them drink all the soda they want and then don't let them use the toilet. Then while they are wriggling around trying not to piss themselves I imagine them squirming on my dick.
I see my arrival was anicipated.

Pee in Miu's butt while the others are playing or something.
File: 1389267711745.gif (999.15 KB, 500x260)
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999.15 KB GIF
You're going to have hyperactive little kids to deal with...
anyone who misbehaves gets a spanking. I need some excuse to touch their cute lolibutts
Is this a one time deal or will I be taking care of them on a regular basis?

If the first one we play some board games. If the second we break out the D&D. I have always wanted to /tg/ with lolis.
File: 1356729054595.jpg (29.87 KB, 720x400)
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29.87 KB JPG
Miu is the cutest.
File: 1347475700412.jpg (89.43 KB, 1280x720)
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What the hell guys...
File: 1335474756106.png (332.33 KB, 730x598)
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332.33 KB PNG
Matsuri and Ana should have been merged into one character.
Susuzaku, go stand in the hall.
Unzip dick.
You don't like their dynamic?
I think the comedy trio works better, but who am I to question the mangaka.

I also never liked the shrinking violet type characters.
Make babies.
I don't think the Mashimaros have gotten their periods yet. But I would sure like to inspect them to find out.

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