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how retarded do you have to be to like anything this season has to offer??
Noragami is the only anime this season that I'm actually really looking forward to watching more, to be honest. Space Dandy as well, but that's mainly because I want to give it a chance to be good because I like the concept it's based on.
A lot of shows from last season are still pretty good, and the new shows this season seem fun.
Noragami has been pretty good.
It's sort of what I wanted from Kyoukai no Kanata, but every time I think that I end up reminding myself how completely uninteresting the premise is. Not saying it's chuunishit, but it's basically chuunishit. In the end, the characters are superficially interesting enough to hold my attention. If they're able to pick up any depth by the end of the series, the show might end up being worth the time.

I liked Sekai Seifuku.
It feels like Gatchaman Crowds flipped a little on its head, with a nice preachy girl preaching social criticism and a particular set of ideals at its point. Hopefully it plays a little nicer with its themes rather than making her the writer's self-insert morality. I think this series probably has a bit of potential.

I also liked Wake Up, Girls!
I never thought I'd say that to a Yamakan anime. The movie wasn't that bad and the fact that the drama didn't leave me completely irritated indicates that the direction might work out. The random sexualization, on the other hand, shows that the show might go completely in the wrong direction. I'd prefer to be optimistic about this one.

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei wasn't that bad either.
I'm not expecting a literary masterpiece, but the characterizations seem endearing enough to be entertaining. GJ-Bu wasn't that bad, so I'd like to think that this one won't be that bad either.

The season has been pretty disappointing overall, though.
Here's to Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha saving the season.
Because I am not really that picky.
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>how retarded do you have to be to like anything this season has to offer??

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