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Madoka meets Rikka.
I wonder if they'll have a Chuuni battle in this episode, or will they have to get to know each other well later on to do so?
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I didn;t read the novel.

Does she start going to Rikka's school? I can already see that cliche coming.
IIRC she was supposed to show up on season 1. but kyoani went and made some alterations just like they did in kyoukai no kanata
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AKA the unnecessary drama.
>Hairclip's back
Well there will probably be a lot of changes from the novels but the jist of it is-

>Yuuta's osananajimi, and the one who made him chuuni
>Immediately hits it off with him and is flirty, making Rikka worried and jealous
>Also old friends with Nibutani back when she was Mori Summer
>Superchuuni that puts the rest of their imaginations to shame
>A little bit perverted and assertive in romance, both qualities Rikka does not have
>Tries to break up Yuuta and Rikka over the course of the novel
>IIRC she was supposed to show up on season 1.

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Satone and Hairclip!

I've heard rumors that in the anime she going is more inclined to push them together then to break them up. I hope this is actually true, the only reason I didn't want a second season was I was worried they'd go the attempted NTR drama route with her.
>>A little bit perverted
Gods. This is almost NEVER well done.

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