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Still mad?
I'll watch it. It was shit but I still enjoyed it, specially the 2nd part with the sugutits.
No, because it was expected.
what is that?
I heard he becomes a trap later, and loses his speshul abilities

I could watch maybe
I'm a little bitter we probably won't ever see Accel World II, but that's about it.
phantom bullet was a good read, I'd like to see it animated.
Becomes a trap.
Not so much his special-ness.
>Uses a lightsaber. Uses it to block/deflect/cut bullets...
Maybe at the fact that /a/ would appear to love it.
I'm cautiously optimistic
S2 ends with Kirito flat-lining while being rushed into a hospital

>“Heart rate is dropping!”
>“Start chest compressions!”
>“No… no… Kirito-kun… not something like this…”
>“Heart stopped!”
>“Keep compressing!”
>Kirito-kun, it’s a lie, right? You aren’t going to leave me, right? You said we’ll be together forever…… didn’t you say that?
>The pink heart displayed on the monitor throbbed slightly once, before it stopped pulsing.
i'm still mad that the novel didn't end at the very end of the SAO arc. You know, after kirito waking up, going to look for asuna.

After that part, both in the anime and the novel, it went to shit.

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