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Why are japanese artists so much better at a diverse style than western artists?
>Diverse style
>Cue 95% of anime released in the last decade
Hm OP I don't think you're looking at the whole picture here. But at the same time I sort of agree with you. Western scat and guro looks revolting whereas japanese is very aesthetically pleasing.
Because the doujins and manga we see are done by actual decent people while most of the shit we see online is done by 12 year old sonic fans.

But the real reason is that we're exposed to western animation so much we pay it no mind.
not anime

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Only four little letters

fanart discussion belongs on /ic/
Not necessarily, and that might not be true even in aggregate.

Its possible that its just selection bias, because we get to see a lot of similar stuff if we runs in specific circles, a lot of times we can get a broader scope of the stuff across the pond because they are mostly filtered through the top of each sphere of influences.

Its like if we sits in a pile of books that have gradients of subjects, but because we sit so close, we only see small selection of it, while stuff that are far away, we can see the biggest thing of its respective genres, but not individual titles.
"Nonon" has a plug earrings.

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