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Goddamnit /a/
lol wow.
assion and poison. Deception and revenge. Betrayal and assassination. Ambition and murder. Politics and greed. Plots and counterplots. Supernatural visitations and evil manipulation. Packed with drama, excitement, and emotion, Shakespeare's tragedies are a natural in the fast-paced manga format.
A four-page introduction to each book sets the stage and gets you into the action.
Text is greatly abridged, so reading these isn't tedious torture.
The original Shakespearean text is used so you'll recognize famous passages.
Each book was illustrated by a talented manga artist and abridged by Adam Sexton, a professor of literature and writing at NYU.
Unlike traditional manga, these books read front to back and right to left, the way you're used to reading.
For authenticity, the books remain true to the setting and the time of Shakespeare's original work.

can't you just watch Romeo X Juliet?
I can't decide bewteen massive facepalming, laughing, or just blanking out from sheer ???.
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Sexy sound effects.
I don't get it.

What? Really?
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Brutus is Shotaro Kaneda.
hahaha, oh wow. /a/ is over
looks pretty awesome
One quick Google search later.


Fuck that shit. I had to listen to some ancient black guy read in old English.
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And they still portray Cassius as the evil one and Brutus as the noble savage. Cassius was right.
File: 1204620128772.jpg (246 KB, 922x1400)
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I saw those earlier today at my school's bookstore. They lacked the Hamlet. I flipped through Julias Caesar, it was actually pretty okay.
File: 1204620157170.jpg (223 KB, 922x1400)
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This all needs an anime adaptation. Then I'll dig it.
Caesar was kinda QUALITY, but the rest were surprisingly okay.

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