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what does /a/ think about mob psycho?
is lord dimple ever going to regain his strength?
Well, seeing as it is being translated on /a/, I can assure you it has a fanbase here. However, it isn't as large as say OPM's is. Most likely a result of not having someone redraw it like Murata. Regardless, it's a positive feedback.

And lel, even if he does, mob will put him back in his place.
I like it in a way that the plot moves at a better pace than OPM. That being said, I still really like OPM because I've never seen such a unique story. There might be only a couple of likeable characters, but Saitama's "justice always prevails" theme contrasted with how stupid yet how powerful he is, I don't know, it just works for me. Sad that murata can't draw as fast, but oh well

It's gonna be great to see King and his powers in murata glory

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