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Dammit Btooom!, stop making faggots likeable just to kill them off.
Did they escape from monster mansion or whatever the plot was yet?
Are you an anime-only fag or something?
Didn't read the manga or watch the anime, does the shota die? Might pick it up, is it true Sawashiro voices the shota?
>is it true Sawashiro voices the shota?
Don't know
>does the shota die
Not yet, at least.
Yes, but I dropped it a little over halfway and its all a haze. I swear there were ghosts in this.
I know what you're talking about, it was just that the question was so stupid and couldn't have come from anyone that even finished the anime.
That said, not gonna answer your stupid ass question. Go read/watch and figure it out.
>Go read/watch and figure it out.

No way, what little of the manga I saw looked just as bad as the anime I dropped. I'm just going to assume the MC and the blonde girl escaped from ghost island.
>As bad.
That's because the anime is pretty much a straight adaption of the manga, like a good adaption. And if you don't/didn't like it, that's your opinion.
I'm not gonna tell you because you're ignorant.

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