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Why is Shakugan no Shana so popular when it sucks? I mean it has some good concepts and character designs but it was like they didn't know what to do with them, so it ended up being a watered down storyline with characters having little to no personality. What baffles me the most is how the show was an utter disaster when it had awesome stuff like loli/shota twincest and a dude who is in love with a doll. It's as if they gathered so much awesome into a single point that it collapsed onto itself like a black hole. The laws of physics couldn't contain the mass of awesome and what is left is now known as Shakugan no Shana.
lol opinions

also it isn't really that popular (at least not here), what are you talking about?
I watched the first season.

After that, i wanted the 8 hours of my life back
>I mean it has some good concepts and character designs

No it doesn't. It is as generic as shit.

/a/ likes it for OH GOD SHANA IS HOT.
it was the first of the loli tsunderes from that one voice actor chick.

As an anime it was mediocre, but for it's time it was pretty much a groundbreaking thing.

Even though the moe style has been predominant since before, i like to think of Shakugan No Shana season 1 as being the catalyst for the recent moe faggotry we see today.
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Because shana is fucking tsundere extrodinairre?
Actually, I watch it for Margery Daw and Marcos. Oh, and for that badass old man in the shades, too.


magical girl


That's it.

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