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I miss Karen. I don't think she was in S2 like at all (At least not importantly) so it's been a long time since I've seen any good Karen.
This isn't me saying she's the best girl, or to argue over best girl, but she's not my favorite anyway.
I just miss the almost incest, and her personality.
I'm assuming Karen won't be important for the rest of the story?
What do you think the odds are of Araragi banging Karen?
>This isn't me saying she's the best girl, or to argue over best girl
Well why state the obvious over a nonargument
She is best girl
Well, she's probably my second favorite (Living and "in love with Araragi still") character.
But I just can't put her ahead of Shinobu
I get the same feelings from time to time too. Then I just have to rewatch Nisemonogatari. I think I've already seen Karen Bee more times than Nadeko Snake.

All of this probably has something to do with the fact that Karen is definitely the one I want to sex up the most out of the whole *monogatari cast. Second place is contested between Kanbaru and Kaiki. Not together, mind you, Kaiki probably dislikes father/daughter incest too anyway.
Well who can't respect that opinion
not this oniichan
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Does she not show up in Kanbaru's story?
I don't really wanna re-watch Nise, because I remember it pretty clearly. Nise was obviously the most fan-service-y part of the series, which was great for Karen/Tsukihi/Incest.
I doubt there will be anything close to it, considering there's very few more novels to be animated, and they are most likely gonna focus on Ougi/Araragi. This entire ordeal saddens me greatly, because there will never be more Karen fanservice, and most likely there won't be some great harem end where Araragi is fucking Karen.
I'm only halfway through Nisemonogatari and Karen is already one of my favorites. But why does everyone like Shinobu so much? She seems like a total cunt so far, and I liked her better when she didn't talk.

And don't bother trying to spoil me, as it's already too late.
File: 1375551718755.png (1.41 MB, 1920x1080)
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She's always sitting at the top with Mayoi and Shinobu for me. Albeit I was always under the impression she was shorter. THe height things bugs me out a little bit since it was pointed out to me.

At least we had Nisemonogatari, effectively a season of Karen.
Well, I said she's my favorite, it's mostly for the blonde loli body, she's cute and proud, and she's essentially inseparable and irreplaceable to Araragi.
There's other good qualities too, but that's most of it.
Kanbaru's first story? Don't remember.
The Kanbaru focused OVA coming out Soon™? No idea.
Shinobu's design is incredible. The proud personality isn't bad either, and works well with the loli body. Adult version, not so much.
Why is her name Karen anyways? Is that actually a Japanese name in this case?
Well, I'm not gonna say that adult Shinobu would be my favorite over everything, but teen Shinobu still might. She's arrogant, and cocky, but she still cares a lot for say, Araragi. And there are just cute things about her personality, like her love for donuts.
It's a weird case where it's an actual name for both east and west.
She's not that great. They're just thinking with their dicks.
>And don't bother trying to spoil me, as it's already too late.
Well then you would already know why Shinobu is liked
Ougi a shit.
So was there a new ep yesterday or what
Do not fucking tell me the season ended with Kaiki
Think about life if she never interfered.
>Hachikuji would still exist.
>Nadeko would still be in love with Araragi and never a crazy snake bitch.
That meaning
>Kaiki woulda never got clocked upside the head.
>Hitagi never would have went behind Araragi's back.
>Shinobu could be a god, also not be in any danger from Ougi
I'm sure there's more too.
I've got bad news, anon.
He's not dead, just kidding.
But it is the end of the season.
>bad news
That's Fantastic news
She was in Cat's arc in the very beginning of S2, but I miss her too.

I miss her too. The toothbrush scene and when she kicks the shit out of Araragi are two of the best scenes of the whole series to me.
You said "I miss her too" twice anon.
And I love Araragi, but he gets the shit kicked out of him often. I wonder if that superhuman strength/ability is just for show, and not dying when he gets the shit kicked out of him.
File: ponderingtard.jpg (357.93 KB, 791x607)
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Depends how you look at it. Kaiki deserved to at least get hit for what he's done at least the last while, and the fact that he believe Senjougahara loved him.
I miss Hachikuji.
Kaiki was the best and everything he did was justified in some way

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