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Voice actor Hikaru Midorikawa put his blog Green Pharmacy on indefinite hiatus on Saturday due to a barrage of negative fan reactions after a female fan at an event was seen wearing the same accessory as Midorikawa.

Midorikawa wrote the following:
I'm already an old man who's 45-years old, I'm already married, and I am always thankful to my fans who cheer me on despite knowing this about me. They are always my strength in my work. For you fans who have done that for me, I have done my best to continue writing in this blog in order to make you happy. I say that, but it was actually pretty fun for me too. Lol

However, because of the incident that occurred, I have been seeing lots of comments that deny the bonds between me and my family. Honestly, I was disappointed and very displeased. And also very sad. I tried my very best to turn my feelings around and keep going, but it appears that the damage is far worse than I ever expected... At this rate I don't think I can write a fun blog. If I can, I don't want to close this place that I love so much, so I think I'll let it “hibernate” for a while. During this time, I'd like to look a little more closely at myself.

I don't mind if you leave comments in the past entries. However, please note that all comments will be first looked at by an administrator, so any comments that do not have to do much with the topic at hand or are addressed to the me of my private life will not reach me. If there is a time that I will return to this blog, I will be in your hands then.

I've said this many times, but thank you to all the fans who wrote kind and fun comments. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart. I will do my best to continue my work as a voice actor.

Well then,

Good night.

-Hikaru Midorikawa
Who gives a shit? >>>/jp/

So what was the problem? Did they call him a fag or something?
I think the implication was that he was sleeping with one of his fans. I'm guessing.

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