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Could Nui be the woman betrayed by clothing, who Tsumugu mourns?
That's a lab coat, not hair

A nudist and master tailor cannot be lovers.
She is his daughter separated from him at birth, told she was a miscarriage.

Years later, she becomes everything her mother was, but lacks the same beautiful heart. She is a fabric girl raised in a fabric world...

There is a reason why she is named Nui.


You heard this here first, folks.
Doesn't mean it couldn't have turned into hair.
thats pretty fucked up
No the women betrayed by her clothing is Tsumugu and Ryuko's mother.
B-But my Googlefu said Nui means sewing!!

To be fair, so is her hair.


The love between those with and without clothes can be seen even now.
which episode is the she was betrayed by clothing from? it seems I have totally forgotten
>she cuts Senketsu into pieces
>the possibility of Ryuuko collecting the pieces exists.

Where is my PS&G Season 2? Also I can't hate Nui for doing this, mainly because of her finishing pose.
helllo? what ep is the first part of ops pic from? plz
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Restating the question won't help you get an answer.
I doubt it OP.
But speaking of, what are some of /a/'s favorite theories about the various family trees in this series?

>Sensei is Ragyo's ex-husband
>Or otouto
>Tsumugu is Kinue's brother

Those seem like the most likely ones to me.
Well, she can change her appearance.

And the "nue" in Kinue COULD come from 鵺.
A chimera-like creature which was able to change its form (albeit into a black cloud)

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