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Why the fuck isn't there a KnB thread up? Episode aired yesterday, I know /a/ is tsundere for sports anime but come on anons.

Also, did Rakuzan beat Seiren already?
>I know /a/ is tsundere for sports anime
Kuroko no Basugay is as much about basketball as Brokeback Mountain is about sheep guarding.
Just because it's super basketball doesn't mean it's not basketball.

>did Rakuzan beat Seiren already?
Pretty much.
Fujimaki is going to continue the manga, isn't he? I think he originally planned to end it here but with the series at peak popularity there's no way he could afford to stop now.
Rakuzan is going to curb stomp Seirin, there's no way they can come back after this.
So what the hell are the author's plans after the loss? Although, it's better off this way since Seiren was just simply outclassed.

It helps if you have some insight on basketball but KnB is still enjoyable to watch despite just understand the basics of the game. For instance, this episode showcased how basketball IQ can determine a result of a play before it even happens with Aomine's 5 second 1 on 1 with Kagami. Just because this has super power shit incorporated into the sport mean that its still classified as basketball despite it being unrealistic at times.
That was a retarded analogy that would work better with Free.

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