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Where does Konjiki no Gash rank on the list of great shounens?
Pretty much right there at the top
Probably directly under Dragonball and JoJo.
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My question is where does Tegami Bachi reside in the shouens.
Samefag detected
its pretty good

the friendships all had to be broken eventualy ;_;
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Shounenshit rankings?

True friendship never really die.
Better than most Shounen out right now, but not the best.

Ending felt a bit rushed, but it seems like that might be more an author thing than he got a deadline.
Great except that last shit arc, man they jumped the shark hard.
Your good taste on 7/8 of those has just inspired me to read Konjiki no Gash, which I knew as Zatch Bell until just now. I hope I find that it stands up with the other three.
Just a heads up : The first few volumes are more character introduction than anything.

Shit gets real when the Zofis arc starts
What were your favourite spells? Mine´s the deflecting shield, for a level 2 spell it was pretty broken as fuck.

I sadly only got reading until the trip to England (before my publishing house axed it), but I really was eager to see how GashKiyo could win using the meh tier ones (magnetism).

Once it went Baoh-Zakeruga like in OP´s pic, some of the initial charm/strategy got lost, I think
>Wan Piss
>shitfest of randomness
>feels every few dozen chapters
Jikerdor didn't really have much use. Honestly don't even remember seeing it after the Robnos fight.

But while Baou itself is a pretty straightforward spell, it gets a lot of use with my favorite strategy, Zagurzem chains.

Well call me a faggot, I allways thought it was mumbo jumbo meant to sound cool.

Still don´t understand why Germany changed them in the manga. So far I can only remember:

Baou Zakeruga = Baoh Einennun
In the hidden gem only 3 people in the world can experience.
The cgi giant bugs shit killed the chances of it being really popular.
Odd, Aku no Hana's anime made the manga really popular even though it turned out like shit
I didn't catch that "-ruk" was body enhancement until my second read. Then I started seeing a lot more, like "-ga" and "ganzu".
>The cgi giant bugs
I didn't think that would kill it anime wise. The anime was pretty good in my opinion.

The manga has a really solid story compared to what I see in most Shouens.
once it ends and gets an OVA treatment, everyone will be talking about. Just you wait
No problems there. A lot of people think One Piece had a rough start (I'm not one of them) and JoJo was kind of boring during part 1. I always give manga a fair chance. I actually get in trouble going the other way and end up reading shitty things for too long (kept reading Naruto, Bleach, and Fairy Tail for far too long).
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I hope so cause it deserves another great adaptation.
Decently high

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