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Is Obito the worst villain of all time?
No, that's Truth from E7AO.

I don't have an image because I feel saving even one image of him would make my hard drive soiled in some way.
Whats wrong with Obito is he's been irrelevant most the series.

His reasoning for turning evil is stupid, I don't care how Kishi tries to bring home the "uchiha love too much" bullshit. Which by the way he came up with at the last minute.

Rin was literally just a girl, and I don't buy the whole "She was the only light in my life" bullshit, there were alot of people around Obito who loved him. Including all the elderly people in konoha. Literally all of them, along with his clan.

Who cares if he is an orphan like Naruto, Naruto didn't have the entire Uzumaki clan living and paying his bills 24/7.

Obito's entire story is just unbelievable no matter how you try to stretch it. His motivations are just too much of a stretch.

And everyone is forgetting the fact he's like 32, still crying over some 12 year old girl he had a crush on. It's just creepy in retrospect when he mentions her as if they were the same age.

Its just fucking weird.

Also, he even knows that she killed herself, yet he still wants to blame the world for her death.

Madara's reasoning for going mad is even worse, some fucking fairytale from centuries ago that has no relevance to his time caused him to give up on humanity. What the actual fuck?

Like seriously, that's like me swearing to destroy Australia because cavemen killed each other.
He's up there.

Really up there.

I'm not sure if he's the worst though, but he ranks high on the list (or low, depending on how you measure such a thing)
That show was just such a big shitstorm.

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