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File: 1389423533966.jpg (388.54 KB, 1378x1000)
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Some novelfags claim the Christmas Cake teacher is not in MC's harem but seeing the LN illustrations for myself, I think the slutty Christmas Cake homeroom teacher does count being in MC's harem.

For example, here's a scene with MC's teacher fantasizing MC pushing her down and having his way with her to his heart's content.

And looking at other lewd illustrations, MC's teacher is really touchy-feely and affectionate toward MC.

Are the supposed novelfags just trolling /a/ by saying the Christmas Cake is unwanted and has no chance in Nourin?

Doesn't a 40 year old Christmas Cake like the teacher deserve to be impregnated by the MC much more than the other girls in the show?

Your thoughts on this, /a/? Is the Christmas Cake Ending impossible for this series?

I mean, just look at this Nourin trailer featuring the Christmas Cake teacher as the introduction.


This Christmas Cake really needs to be taken out of the freezer and eaten as soon as possible.
No Christmas Cake end ever.
File: 1345531933547.jpg (49.77 KB, 572x720)
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49.77 KB JPG
This is a fucking crime.
>Those Legs
>Those Lips
>Those Oppais
>That lick
>All of the deliciousness even though she's 40 years old

This Christmas Cake deserves a tender hug.
It feels like Bakatest all over again I hope Nourin delivers
Does her navel look a bit high up on her stomach?
She won't win quit hoping now.
Please, we already know Japanese can't into anatomy.
Is anyone else subbing it?
>Waiting for MC to mount her
I think Commie are doing it, they might at least fix all the retarded shit Funi uses.
She's probably desperate enough to have an actual bull fuck her.
Any more cake pictures?
File: 1375643316929.jpg (894.62 KB, 3244x2323)
894.62 KB
894.62 KB JPG
The LN Artist can get kind of samefacey sometimes with his females but I believe the Cake is sharing a group bath with MC in this picture.
>that person that talks in mixed kata/hira
It disgusts me.

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