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Have you ever tried writing a fanfiction or a story or something about your favorite show, or character or whatever?
Like you feel that a show ended in a way you didn't like at all or that it lacks something and you said, fuck it, if I'm not doing it then who will? I'll write my own version.

I tried writing my own School Days fanfic because I didn't like the ending and thought that someone should rip Makoto a new asshole by adding my own character.

I did the same with K-on, because it'd be a waste to keep Yui and Ritsu away from boys. That one character was a huge sel insert, I won't deny it. I left that work forgotten for half a year.

So, have you ever tried writing a story?(anime related of course)
double bump
i can bump all night long babe, i ain't no afraid
I've done my share. Wrote a story for a particular monster girl, and a couple of quickies for my waifu

Been tempted to write more, but I have little confidence in my skills. Plus, I can't seem to make the transition from thoughts to actually typing it down all that well.
When I was 15-16 I wrote a fanfic about the first crusade starring Naruto characters. The first chapters I tried to slightly change the names which is really cringe worthy when I look back on it.

I finished it because I had one reviewer who always posted a positive response to a new chapter even when I put it off for months. I still have it on my fanfic.net account too look back on, I deleted all the other fanfics I tried to write.
Oh yeah, the stars were Hinata disguised as a boy and Haku which I also paired together.
I write original stories/books for fun and it is my official position that fanfiction is the worst kind of dross and is to be avoided at all costs.
I do shitty writefaggotry set in Kenkou Cross MG world. And I don't give a fuck.

Fanfics are cancer through

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