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To the seven of y'all still seeding episode 01: THANK YOU! Fucking hilarious.
We do what we must, because we can.
Looks like we're getting the b& back together.
I love you /a/.

Almost as much as I love Ghost Slide. And you know how much I love Ghost Slide.
Ghost Slide was licensed. Brace for shit storm.
Fuck The Man! I'll sub Ghost Slide until they drag me kicking and screaming and biting from my computer! FOR /a/!
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Reunion tour 2008!
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Ghost Slide is fake.

You're all faggots for perpetrating this shit.

You're all faggots for believing this shit.
Ghost Slide is real. You need to see the episode with Hitler it was freaking hilarious.

Akira "Ecstasy" Ōhashi, also known as Darks, is a fictional character from the anime and manga series Ghost Slide. He is a 13-year old human Slide, but unlike his love interest and saviour Yuu Reigami he was not born in Daisuru and instead came from what is believed to be our world. Darks became involved in the Millennium War against the ghosts of Sore Society after posting on /ex/, the paranormal forum of a popular imageboard system known as 4²Channel (based off of the real-life imageboard, 4chan.org).[1]

Darks is very immature for his age, often loudly proclaiming he is in love with the macabre in spite of screaming at the sight of blood and cowering in fear whenever he hears loud music[2]. He frequently expresses disdain for the musical group Green Lasagna, though Yuu is quick to point out that his large collection of data books, H-doujinshi, and figurines all contradict this claim[3].

Combat-wise, Darks is one of the strongest Slides in Daisuru history, such that even the King of Ghosts admits "if I had a body I would have shat bricks watching that kid in action"[citation needed]. Darks is a skilled knife fighter[3], capable of killing ghosts in a single thrust by exploiting their "weak points", a critical vulnerability within ghosts visible only to Darks and not other denizens of Daisuru.[4] Darks also has the ability to function at full strength even during night time, when normal Slides like Yuu or Ron Ragery lose power; this allows him to fight even the most powerful Ghosts (such as the King of Ghosts, Go-Yami) without suffering penalties.[5]

In a recent 4chan Magazine popularity poll known as SaiPOPULARITY, Darks ranked 3rd overall among all characters, beaten only by Tonberry King, Mamoru Andou, and Itou Makoto.[6]
I knew it was a fake show, but I never thought there was an actual torrent for it. I assumed it was to get people to go looking for it and say 'zomg, I can't find ghost slide anywhere!one!!'. It's 200 megs... what exactly is in it? A giant repeating rickroll or something?
when i glanced at that i thought it was a jacket...
It's funny.
Won't ruin the surprise.

I don't care enough to download it, sorry. I have enough shit eating up my bandwidth as it is.
No worries. It'll be there.

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