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Let's have a good old nurutu fanfic thread. I'll start with a classic


>Echo Uchiha (両団エコー, Uchiha Echo) is, along with his cousin Ryun Uchiha, one of the last Uchiha, and one of the last two to possess the Mangekyō Sharingan. He is also one of the four Yonkō.
>As the series begins, Echo is a temper prone, frustrated, and aggressive teenager who seeks answers about his origin and place in the world. His trigger happy attitude gets him into more trouble than necessary in the beginning, but also guides him to a legendary journey.

>As the series progresses, Echo's awakening of power brings forth one-by-one the seven core sins that sleep within him as their master. Although he is tempted by all, his biggest downfall is his pride. Echo becomes detached, uncaring, apathetic, and his confidence turns to arrogance. This eventually causes him to succumb to the wishes of the Jin of the Sea and ally himself with him, causing the death of hundreds before he renegades and destroys the corrupt creature.
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plz stahp

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