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I'm not a big fan of anime , I tend to read the manga for series instead, but I decided I'll marathon a series in a few days
I've got a few too pick from

gunbuster then diebuster ( I watched gunbuster forever ago but never watched diebuster)

Mai Hime: I only read the manga which is supposed to be shit compared to the anime or at least thats what I've been told.

Macross 7
Karas movie and ova's

I plan to watch all or most of those but what should I watch first and should I drop any of them?
Man, I remember when that copypasta was spammed everywhere.

Gave me nightmares.
>wet dreams
Ah fuck this I'll just watch lucky star.
Mai Hime anime is completely different from the manga. I only read the first volume of the manga, though, so I wouldn't be able to tell you if it's any better or not.
Mai HiME. excellent choice sir.

Try Dennou Coil. you will shit cyber-bricks
Watch Brigadoon. Seriously.
Also Dennou Coil.
the mai hime anime is fantastic. aria is wonderful, but not good to marathon. its the kind you want to take in small pieces.

and dennou coil has easily slipped its way into my top 3 of all time
I already watched dennou coil ( it and gurren lagann were all I really watched last season)

but thanks for the suggestion
So I'm not seeing any "______ is shit" so I should keep the playlist as is?

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