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Why is it that all feminine women are now lesbians and we guys get stuck with the short hairs, the tomboys, the nerd girls, the muscle girls, and the "alternative" types? Even women who start out feminine go through some "finding yourself" transformation and we're all supposed to be happy that she bulked up, cut her hair short, or put on a pair of glasses.

Why is it acceptable for women to like soft, feminine women and sexist or dated for guys to want the same? If this stuff goes any further, then maybe I was born the wrong gender.
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Fuck off retard
Who cares about what disgusting 3D do.
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I don't mean that they've "turned" lesbian or anything like that. I know that women are born lesbians.

I'm just saying that all of the female characters who are love interests of males are either nerdy, warrior-like, or in some way a divergence from what was traditionally considered the feminine standard of desirability. I grow tired of being told "What you really want..." I'm not saying that I want the 1950s housewife, but I would like to see a few women with soft, feminine personalities and presences.

I like the soldiers, the knights, the warriors, etc. I don't care as much for the nerds, but I still think that they should have their fair representation in the media as well. I just grow tired of having all of these subtle insinuations made by western and eastern media alike that I *don't* want the soft, feminine types. I sure as hell do.
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