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I want to improve my drawing skills my drawing a comic, and I'd like to get practice by doing something short first. The problem is I have no ideas.

If you could draw a short manga, what would you want it to be about? Give me a summary.
If I could draw, I'd most likely be making fetish porn.
Cute lolis doing cute things
Yannagin is love
If I was capable of drawing and writing well I'd make a manga with big focus on character chemistry. And make the MC cool without being edgy or a fucking generic beta.
I would do this if I had some obscure fetish that I could pander to myself and maybe one other person.
Are hand fetishes obscure? I've had it for my entire life and it scares me how even the internet really doesn't seem to provide me with sympathy much
>hand fetish
Like handjobs or like breaking fingers?
Handjobs, gloves and stuff
But that's everywhere, unless you want it to be more focused on or something.
rappers with super powers fighting loli demons
If I could draw manga i would draw a series of shorts about a homeless westerner who shows up at a failing shrine and keeps hassling a miko about becoming it's new god.

It would have him appearing randomly and disappearing. She would try and get him to leave calling in others and the police, but no one else would see him.

Eventually she would just grow to accept him being there and start leaving food out for him.

I would do a series of stories focusing on random people and the troubles in their lives hearing about the shrine and coming to visit it. After visiting they would randomly meet the homeless man on the street and he would say something or do something that they would remember later which would bring a solution to their problems.

As the shrine starts to get a reputation for granting wishes it receives more and more visitors and starts to succeed.

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