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File: Okiura_0001.jpg (844.27 KB, 1407x2000)
844.27 KB
844.27 KB JPG
Dumping Infinite Stratos artbook.

Also, IS thread.
File: Okiura_0002.png (1.30 MB, 1378x2000)
1.30 MB
1.30 MB PNG
File: Okiura_0003.png (669.87 KB, 1394x2000)
669.87 KB
669.87 KB PNG
File: Okiura_0004.png (679.64 KB, 1394x2000)
679.64 KB
679.64 KB PNG
File: Okiura_0005.png (560.87 KB, 1398x2000)
560.87 KB
560.87 KB PNG
fifth for charlotte best girl
File: Okiura_0006.png (517.54 KB, 1398x2000)
517.54 KB
517.54 KB PNG
File: 1353629051736.gif (202.29 KB, 235x592)
202.29 KB
202.29 KB GIF
IS3,4,5 movie, spinoff, live action when?
File: Okiura_0007.png (520.70 KB, 1398x2000)
520.70 KB
520.70 KB PNG
File: Okiura_0008.png (534.05 KB, 1400x2000)
534.05 KB
534.05 KB PNG
File: Okiura_0009.png (673.03 KB, 1397x2000)
673.03 KB
673.03 KB PNG
Tohka really is beautiful.
Laura = Pika-tan = Char > Rin > Chifuyu > Everyone else
File: Okiura_0010.png (577.36 KB, 1401x2000)
577.36 KB
577.36 KB PNG
File: Okiura_0011.png (928.09 KB, 1399x2000)
928.09 KB
928.09 KB PNG
File: Okiura_0012.png (629.42 KB, 1386x2000)
629.42 KB
629.42 KB PNG
substitute pika-tan with tatenashi and you got it
File: Okiura_0013.png (451.62 KB, 1395x2000)
451.62 KB
451.62 KB PNG
File: Okiura_0014.png (424.14 KB, 1384x2000)
424.14 KB
424.14 KB PNG
>Bottom left

I wish we had some sort of backround for her, She seems like the type to fuck around and cause tons of shit to happen
File: Okiura_0015.png (485.88 KB, 1395x2000)
485.88 KB
485.88 KB PNG
File: Okiura_0016.png (385.24 KB, 1392x2000)
385.24 KB
385.24 KB PNG
This artbook feels like it's the first part of something bigger, there's a lot of girls left out.
File: Okiura_0017.png (497.88 KB, 1389x2000)
497.88 KB
497.88 KB PNG
File: Okiura_0018.png (353.55 KB, 1389x2000)
353.55 KB
353.55 KB PNG
File: Okiura_0019.png (503.69 KB, 1401x2000)
503.69 KB
503.69 KB PNG
File: Okiura_0020.png (452.77 KB, 1388x2000)
452.77 KB
452.77 KB PNG
File: Okiura_0021.png (563.10 KB, 1410x2000)
563.10 KB
563.10 KB PNG
File: Okiura_0022.png (507.13 KB, 1399x2000)
507.13 KB
507.13 KB PNG
File: Okiura_0023.png (748.77 KB, 1392x2000)
748.77 KB
748.77 KB PNG
File: Okiura_0024.png (727.21 KB, 1396x2000)
727.21 KB
727.21 KB PNG
File: Okiura_0025.png (624.58 KB, 1392x2000)
624.58 KB
624.58 KB PNG
File: Okiura_0026.png (771.88 KB, 1393x2000)
771.88 KB
771.88 KB PNG
File: Okiura_0027.png (680.84 KB, 1391x2000)
680.84 KB
680.84 KB PNG
File: Okiura_0028.png (840.43 KB, 1394x1989)
840.43 KB
840.43 KB PNG
File: Okiura_0029.png (319.91 KB, 1379x2000)
319.91 KB
319.91 KB PNG
File: Okiura_0030.jpg (854.67 KB, 1411x2000)
854.67 KB
854.67 KB JPG
Thanks for the dump, because mediafire is timing out for me.
File: 1389320226361.jpg (272.29 KB, 905x1280)
272.29 KB
272.29 KB JPG
No Rin, Charlotte, or Laura. There is another art book with Charlotte on the cover but it came out before this one at C84 so I don't know if it will have the rest.
Perhaps Okiura will release the other half at C86 or something. I'll keep an eye out.

I put one for megas on the site. Try that.
>I put one for megas on the site. Try that.
That one worked. Thanks.
>Thats how Houki treats family
File: Bdr96_PCEAES1WX.jpg (80.67 KB, 600x462)
80.67 KB
80.67 KB JPG
Volume 4 BD
File: 1389513016421.gif (461.09 KB, 640x360)
461.09 KB
461.09 KB GIF
>will have to wait for the other one
File: IS Cafe.jpg (187.82 KB, 1023x619)
187.82 KB
187.82 KB JPG
>Char next to Ichika
and people doubt she'll win.
File: 1380512016948.jpg (171.18 KB, 747x810)
171.18 KB
171.18 KB JPG
more russia at once
What do you expect from the woman who beats the man she loves?
File: 201401081434510f1.jpg (350.94 KB, 1004x630)
350.94 KB
350.94 KB JPG
Previews from this months manga.
File: 201401081437131e4.jpg (322.74 KB, 1002x628)
322.74 KB
322.74 KB JPG
File: 20140108144257bbc.jpg (302.46 KB, 1000x780)
302.46 KB
302.46 KB JPG
File: 20140108144620990.jpg (340.15 KB, 726x1028)
340.15 KB
340.15 KB JPG
>No Choco

also thanks for the sadpanda upload, anon-kun
It's probably Stark without his trip
Houki probably sits on the opposite side of the table so that Ichika can always look at her cute face and they can feed each other as expected of a good couple.
I hope Homura adds that little bit during the golem fight so we actually see Ichika telling Cecilia to get into position that the anime and last manga left out. The way the anime didn't even address it bothered me.
Has any group shown interest in doing the BDs?
I imagine coalgirls
File: IE_koukoku01_960px.jpg (237.18 KB, 960x674)
237.18 KB
237.18 KB JPG
Choco artbook comes later.
Oh god yes
Thank you
Choco Laura is best Laura
File: 1380924396371.jpg (472.97 KB, 1280x1216)
472.97 KB
472.97 KB JPG
All Lauras are best Laura.
File: 33857047.jpg (173.30 KB, 571x800)
173.30 KB
173.30 KB JPG
Why is a 15 year old girl a commander of an elite squad?
Wasn't she an artificial soldier or so?
File: 22173303.jpg (1021.68 KB, 850x1209)
1021.68 KB
1021.68 KB JPG
Because nanomachines, son.
File: 1389186061681.gif (2.61 MB, 480x270)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB GIF
She was bred to be a solider since birth. Born in a test tube, raised on an army base, trained to fight since a child. She was created to be a killer.
File: f90c86ce.jpg (51.41 KB, 404x590)
51.41 KB
51.41 KB JPG
She never killed anyone, because she is the perfect soldier.
Well skill wise she is the best among her year, the only ones close are Char and Ichika, after that come Cecilia who are roughly equal but noticibly lower than the others and in last place is Houki. the ranking of their IS is a bit different.


Did you guys just get 2 IS Artbooks?

And any plan on translating some comments made by Okiura or Choco in their artbooks?

It's okay if you don't translate them if they are just the generic thank you for purchasing my artbook, blah, blah; but I think it be cool if you translated comments that said anything interesting.
File: 040030172103-7p.jpg (61.27 KB, 600x600)
61.27 KB
61.27 KB JPG
In my experience with artbooks, it's mostly commentary. "I choose this because _____." or "I did this because _____." Stuff like that.
Choco's looks more like a sketch book, but at 128 pages I hope there are some colored images.

If we get some time, maybe we'll go over and do the little notes but right now we're getting ready for our C85 order and the anthology. So we're trying to clear the table before. Expect the remaining CDs and other stuff to come out soon.

I picked up the other 2 C85 artbooks, the one with Charlotte on the cover and the one with Char and Laura on the cover. I'll get to scanning those later but cleaning takes time.
File: around dracs.png (176.41 KB, 590x573)
176.41 KB
176.41 KB PNG
I think you've got that order wrong, as of recently the only opponent Ichika can beat is Cecilia, and Houki's skill seems to have been tampered with by Tabane to keep her inconspicuous. It's more closer to

Laura > Char > Houki >= Rin > Ichika > Cecilia.
File: 2ijssdo.png (572.14 KB, 691x1200)
572.14 KB
572.14 KB PNG
File: 1386474227658.gif (68.39 KB, 427x240)
68.39 KB
68.39 KB GIF
Tohka has purple hair, Houki has black hair.
Tohka has long hair, Houki has a split ponytail.
Tohka is stupid, Houki is smart.
Apples and oranges really.
Tohka is strong.
Nah Houki is pretty shitty, she barely got the score needed to attend the school.
The only way for her to keep up was by getting a totally overpowered IS from her sister.
Ichika has his tactical abilities to gain advantages.
Laura and Cecilia's IS are considered to be more complicated to use and make use of.
Laura's position is thus hardend even more, but considering that Cecilia performs around the same level as Rin I give her a slight advantage over Rin in regards to skill.
File: 32128126.jpg (308.50 KB, 1800x1200)
308.50 KB
308.50 KB JPG
Houki could take Tohka in a fight.
I don't think so.
File: 1324028057627.jpg (218.50 KB, 707x1000)
218.50 KB
218.50 KB JPG
More Houki
Damn, Choco sure can draw a fine Laura.
File: 31334695.png (210.37 KB, 692x900)
210.37 KB
210.37 KB PNG
Laura has great style.
Except Houki got a a reassessment of her IS compatibility by Tatenashi and she found that her compatibility had inexplicably jumped from a C to an S in a very short time.

C as in "it's shit? it's shit" to S as in "Jesus Yamato" tier.

So obviously something suspicious happened.

>Ichika has his tactical abilities to gain advantages
>tactical abilities
u wot m8
File: is3t.jpg (80.60 KB, 587x420)
80.60 KB
80.60 KB JPG
>So obviously something suspicious happened.
Obviously, she got an IS from her sister. I bet Akatsubaki is helping Houki improve at a faster rate with some techno crap thanks to Tabane. Soon Houki will be the best pilot in the world.

Though I heard that Tabane wants to give Akatsubaki to Chloe and just letting Houki keep it warm but I never heard a source on that.
Inb4 her IS is consuming her life away as a side effect in exchange for all that bullshit.
>Every time Houki heals Ichika it takes away her life
I can see it, then Ichika holds a dying Houki in his arms.
Then Houki dies and Ichika and Char name their first daughter Houki.
That would be true if Houki wasn't useless. All she does is recharge and cry.
Houki isn't useless. She's at least better than Cecilia, she sucks.
File: image.jpg (96.66 KB, 1280x720)
96.66 KB
96.66 KB JPG
>KanaHana playing another blonde nice girl who will likely lose
Why do I do this?
I would also go with this explanation >>100146616
Or she tinkered with Houki herself, but you do not jump on a genetic compatibility scale.
Same exact character she plays in everything.
Except the shows she's not.
Like 1 out of 100.
She's also the better girl in that series that earnestly wants to get married

Both really deserve better
Did they ever release lineart of their Cinderella dresses?
My Bets on Natsumoe being one of the legendary HanaKana characters that won
She's defiantly my favorite and it'll suck to watch her lose to the idol.
Maybe I should just drop it and save myself the pain.
Stupid phone.
Why are you on a phone?
Because I'm not near a computer.
Maybe Houki will someday not need an IS to fight like Tabane.
Has anyone here with /tg/ tendancies tried running an IS game with Dive Into The Sky?
What's that?
I hate Houki favoritism
Houki a shit
Houki is beautiful
File: resize_image.jpg (136.63 KB, 800x452)
136.63 KB
136.63 KB JPG
I can't wait for Houki to force feed me in the new game.
Choco artbook when?
File: best is.jpg (71.33 KB, 600x335)
71.33 KB
71.33 KB JPG
The Choco artbook better have plenty of Sarashiki Tatenashi.
It won't, her 15 minutes are up
>It's not like I want to feed you or anyhting, i-idiot.
Then she shoves it in your mouth and you choke to death. Classic Houki story.
What happened to the last four Ensemble books?
What books?
File: photo.jpg (188.94 KB, 1600x1200)
188.94 KB
188.94 KB JPG
>Swamping Nendo sets
Least Shinku's tea set goes with Cecilia.
File: 1387133108133.jpg (72.66 KB, 640x361)
72.66 KB
72.66 KB JPG
I want her to feed me Pocky sticks.
>implying she's past her prime

Nigga, she's barely gotten started. When S3 comes along and we see her god-tier confession of love to Ichika, she will be number one. No doubt.
or she just becomes another tsundere like the other girls who fell for Ichika. It's happened to them, it'll happen to her.
File: alexandra kerensky.png (90.46 KB, 256x256)
90.46 KB
90.46 KB PNG
>When S3 comes along and we see her god-tier confession of love
RIP Love.
It does mater how different they are, since both are shit.
It's translated
>First yuri doujin of IS and this is what we get
Why am I not surprised?
I honestly don't know who is best girl in this. I'm stuck between Laura, Charlotte and Cecilia.
Because Cecilia is so easy to bully.
I would bully Cecilia just to see her get frustrated and pout
The correct answer is Tatenashi
But I hate sluts
Flirtatious, playful, lively, self-confident =/= slutty
If you're just showing the best girl in a neutral way, it's not favoritism.

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