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Do you hide your power level in public? I realized very early in life that people reacted strange about anime so i never told people about it, I dont have anime posters and i dont have wallpapers or figurines. I dont plan to ever tell people because i dont need them to know and my life stays easy.
pic related: mfw people near me talk about anime
Being an obnoxious piece of shit about what you like isn't a good thing. No one needs to know you like this shit unless you're some kind of 3DPD who does it for attention.
no reason to hide it and no reason to shove it into someones face, stupid question
If there's a song I really like I'll make it into a ringtone, and my phone has an anime character (Stocking) but I don't go around telling others I watch anime for hobbies.
When people ask me what my hobbies are I shyly say stuff like "You know, TV and stuff" and try to divert the subject.

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