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What are other VNs that put you in a good mood with almost no drama?
Does this VN have an anime or manga adaptation? If not, you should talk about it on /jp/
It has both.
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But her entire route was drama
The story before you could go out with girls was pretty relaxing.
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Sora, the VA of Kanasuke (daitoshokan)/Meguri (Moteyaba)/Yuna (Berry's)/Suzuno (Witch's Garden)/Mina (C@F) now is going to dub a maid in A-3.

She also speaks in third person.
Period is nice
ask the VN thread in >>>/vg/

Ask the VN thread in >>>/jp/

if you want to discuss Majikoi, continue posting
Grisaia no Kaijitsu
Fuck off. VNs are welcome in /a/.
She's a fucking slut. Takahiro needs to stop bringing his corrupted influences from writing Akame ga Kiru into Majikoi, that fucking faggot.
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>not wanting her route for livestream sex
Beg your pardon?
>seiso's route will never be translated

just end me.
Sheila Coronbo

Height 163cm
Weapon poison inside her body
Birthday 2 December
3 Sizes 85 53 84
First person pronoun Sheila-chan
Nickname Sheila
Occupation Kuki servant troop
Family Enman clan
Favorite food Brazilian barbecue
Favorite drink Cola
Hobby Making her own movies
Special skill Soccer and Singing
Precious thing Whatever she's observing
Thing she hates Memories of defeat
Respected person Kuki Mikado

Her original nickname as a mercenary was "venomous spider". She hides several different varieties of poison inside her body. Making use of her body's peculiar characteristics, she became a soldier, but eventually applied to the Kuki servant squad due to the better pay and less risk. She carries a grudge against Stacy from whom she suffered a painful attack in the past. Now that Stacy has become her coworker, her desire for revenge burns stronger than ever.

She's confident in her looks and records livestreams of herself often. Turning down men's advances on her is a hobby of hers.

She wears maids' clothing, but has heavily customized them.
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Dra+Koi, Deardrops, and My Girlfriend is the President were all fairly upbeat and relatively drama free.

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