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What do you guys think about punpun? Just finished it the other night, I thought it was really great.
Don't do that. Putting that aside, I've yet to read the last volume, but from the spoilers I've read, it's kind of a lackluster ending.
I stumbled through it in moon, but even though the hazy sense of misunderstanding, the ending itself didn't feel as good as everything leading up to it.
The end is almost here, time to prepare for suicide
It did end. It sucked
Read it again, but this time realize that "Punpun" means "Stinky".
Feels rushed ending and author hack tranny motherfucker, man
>hack tranny motherfucker, man
Pick 1
It's really more of a fuming anger.
Why do you come to this board if you can't speak intelligible English?
It already ended? last one I remember reading was punpun about to buy a cellphone while the news were on TV.
I'll admit it can mean either, but how many kids did you know at school who were called "fuming anger" versus how many were called "stinky"?
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It is by far my favorite manga and made me feel depressed for a fair few days after it finished. Fucking Punpun man, all the suffering.
Only manga I've ever given 10/10 on My Cancer List.
Would be in the same boat, if it weren't for the last few volumes where I didn't feel as strongly about the story anymore. Probably Asano's most complete work, but not necessarily his best.
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It's both working together that make the pun so good.
But anyway, the way the story was told changed as Punpun grew up. Or maybe as the mangaka realized that s/he was changing. It's a long, complex journey, and different parts of it will be familiar to different people. I think we need to forgive it that, because it's our fault if we see it as a failing.
Oh you.

And on an entirely unrelated note, when it somebody going to scanlate volume 2 of Umibe no Onnanoka?
As far as I'm concerned, Asano is still a male.
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You can easily learn enough moon to enjoy it before the second volume will be translated.
This. >>100119155
Not saying the translation is bad, but it's a little heavyhanded and ignores some serious nuance.
I think she would probably disagree with you over that. And guess whose opinion would count more?
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My dick's. Girls, and guys on hormones don't give me a boner. He's a dude until this raging wood ceases to be.

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