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What happened, /a/?
we happened
Anno got a wife an money.
>What happened, /a/?
You cherrypicked shit pretty bad.

The only problem I see is that fucking cat
Shit gets pretty super-robot, which isn't a surprise since EVA IS a fucking super-robot show.
>Muh blood and gore
>why wont they let me be in the rebuilds
>I also wanted to be in the rebuilds /a/
NGE was born from depression, and with the success of NGE Anno is no longer depressed.

While the TV series was a work of art, the movie series is a product. Mari for example was only put in there to sell more merchandise, she has no real plot significance. Now they have more characters, more costumes, and more action figures to sell.
Everything they did to the Evas and franchise in general with rebuild is terrible.
The Guest designer for this episode's EVA was Andrew Dobson.
I bet it would get good again if Anno got addicted to heroin or something. That's how it works for rock stars.
If it wasn't for that fucking cat and other retarded 3.0 bullshit, Rebuild could have been well on it's way to portray more sinister and amazing EVA's.

Rebuild 2.0 cut the crap, and imagine if 3.0 had gone the NGE route and added more "oh shit" EVA moments?

"cat" is not an "oh shit" EVA moment

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