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please stop sending your rejects to /tv/
it isn't funny anymore
Please don't allow your secondaries on /a/.

>entry-level faggots taking their shit taste to an appropriate shithole
Don't see a problem there.
How is it our fault you can't deal with them?

We don't. We tell them to fuck off you use google. You should do the same.
Most of us don't want anything to do with a board where everyone has 3D waifus. That kid's not ours and you should deal with him by yourself.
He's right, though, /a/ is shitty shit. I wouldn;t come here at all if I wasn't hopelessly addicted to 2dqts

A-are Kaji and Tatami Galaxy considered entry level too? I don't think they are. Or maybe even a broken clock is right twice a day.
I'm one of the anons who is posting about Kaiji and Tatami Galaxy in that /tv/ thread It's because I spent years here before dropping anime/this board

I don't think it's entry level.

Come back to us, o /a/non of old. Its not all bad in here. Its at least no worse than any other place. Even shows about cute girls doing cute things can be surprisingly good sometimes.
I just got bored of anime one day, anon. I don't really know why. And to think I've been watching it since I was 4 years old or something.

I am excited for Mushishi though.

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