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Holy shit, these characters are fucking unbearable.

Leila is dumb as a rock. I honestly do not understand how she hasn't been tricked into becoming a sex slave already. How many times do people have to try to kill you, sabotage your country war effort and murder innocent people before you finally decide to report them?

Akito is alright, but also extremely generic. He's not as edgy as I thought he would be when not under a geass.

The other Elevens are the worst. Are we suppose to be cheering for these crazy bastards?

>Oh no! My country got taken over! I guess I better starting raping and pillaging to spread my suffering to others in order to gain some perverse pleasure from violence and stroke my own over-inflated sense of self-righteousness!

I can't wait until Suzaku stomps the shit out of Titty Monter's retarded band of Edgemasters.

Damn, you're making the same tired and misleading complaint once again. The characters are alright for the setting and the type of story Code Geass Akito is trying to tell.

Yet another idiot who doesn't get Leila and who comes up with exaggerated lies to complain about her behavior.

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