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File: 1389538032408.jpg (2.75 MB, 3380x3622)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB JPG
Anyone have one of these that is actually readable?
But, that one IS perfectly readable.
Get your fucking eyes checked.
Yup. And I have bad eyesight.

Also, those charts are extremely entry level, you probably already know all of those.

If not, get out.
get better eyes
I mean I can read it but it's too much of a strain on my eyes, especially the genres.
Get bent.
We need a high power level chart. I'm always wondering if there is stuff I don't know about that isn't shit. Recommendation generators give me 70s kids shows since they can't find anything I don't have.
if you seriously have problems with that image then open it in an image editor/viewer and zoom in
>We need a high power level chart
That would be almost a contradiction in terms. People with high power levels don't need charts.
You realize it's a jpeg, right?
You mean mediocre stuff people forgot about?
That's not a bad idea.

But make it in another thread.
i get it, you're trolling

if not, it being a jpeg is irrelevant. even if there's slight artifacts it's completely readable.
I guess. We have "obscure" charts and those are just anime that are well known for being obscure. I just want to know where you go after 1000 or so shows. Nowhere?
No problem with readability in that one, however...

>Good anime movies
>spirited away
Now that's something that should get fixed.
Is that really all there is? Is anime divided into entry level, mediocre stuff everyone forgot about, and stuff no one has ever seen but Japanese people (Doraemon and shit)?
Pretty much, you might be in the wrong medium if you don't like mediocre stuff, definitively in the wrong board.
This is so outdated, we need to add new series
Lol, a lot of retro manga + punpun.

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