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Why did you like Non Non Biyori? I personally found it extremely boring and unengaging and dropped after episode 1, I just want to know why /a/ liked it. Maybe my taste just isn't exquisite enough.
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I got b8-ed hard when I picked it up when people here said it was AOTY.

The art was great, but everything else was just boring as hell, even for a SoL and found that the best character was the one who didn't even get a single line.
It was an above average slice of life but that still wouldn't have made it a masterpiece. It just got a lot of hype for being the only show of its kind during its season. I also thought Hotaru ruined it by virtue of being a one trick lesbian joke character that was completely unnecessary. She had the fish out of water city girl learning to appreciate the calm and peaceful countryside thing going for her the first episode that was almost completely forgotten. Which is a shame since it fit so well with the theme of the show. The Komari is short jokes got old real fast too. I just kept watching it for Natsumi and Renge who were fantastic.
I liked it when it was airing, now it'll remain archived forever, only a few episodes have rewatching value.
So basically /a/ rused everyone by voting it AOTY. K.
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SoL's are fucking great and NNB was one of the best.

Chilled characters and music, I loved every episode of it.

Komari is kawaii~
I watched it for Renge.
Mellow anime is mellow. Slice of Life is slice of life.

If you thought it was boring... you were looking for the wrong things out of it.
It was nice for what it was, definetely not the best SOL I've seen, but still fun. I still don't understand though how it could win the title of AOTY
Hating SoLs for being boring is like hating Saw for having gore.

I'm not sure if it deserved AOTY, but it sure as fuck felt good and was definitely one of the best of the year.
Obviously OP doesn't have very refined tastes.
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Improve your taste then.
dem baits tho
Maybe SoL isn't your preferred genre. 2013 was a pretty mediocre year overall and the fact that we were lucky enough to be graced with an iyashikei anime just made the stars aline for NNB to snatch AOTY. Last iyashikei we got was Sketchbook which was about 5 years ago.
Welp I can't count apparently.
*6 years.
Not everyone likes it, there was just one poll where some guys spammed the votes.

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