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What's the true meaning of ally of justice?
File: 1384473328963.png (59.46 KB, 1920x1080)
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There is no true meaning.
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Someone who will not hurt others
Someone who will not retreat
"I'm 16 and know how to save the world."
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Having a body made out of swords.
File: 1324593089049.jpg (34.75 KB, 381x429)
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You kill as many bad guys as possible.
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Cute little girls who are actually the king of Britain.
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>Someone who will not hurt others
>Someone who will not retreat
Pic unrelated
He only wants to hurt himself. Literally.
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Which servant is that?
File: shiki top gun.jpg (44.23 KB, 533x421)
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It means dispensing your justice. Because justice is so subjective. One man's justice is another man's injustice.

Also, curry. And butts.
File: 1316910142457.png (132.71 KB, 431x396)
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Someone who strives to protect the world and punish evil doers!
File: meduka2501.jpg (32.06 KB, 640x360)
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File: fate-zero-plane-1024x565.png (664.75 KB, 1024x565)
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Someone who's willing to sacrifice everything to protect the world even at great personal cost.
In other words.
[ ] I want to save Natalia.
[x] Persist on being a superhero.
>[x] Persist on being an angry manjew.

Killing everyone who tries to start shit.

Stop clinging to childish ideals.

Such things is not possible.
File: Zolda.jpg (25.28 KB, 290x380)
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If you try hard to become a hero, you are already disqualified. So says Zolda.

Added that you should always do what is right. What you think is right. Simply do what you are capable of doing.

Don't start from stuff like "save the world", but start with the little things first.

When you gain the capability that indeed would allow you to become a superhero, then ask yourself not what you are capable of doing with those abilities of your, but what should you use them for.

In the end, you'll probably never be capable to save everyone. This doesn't make you not try to do it. Do what you have to do. Do what you think is right, and finally...no matter what, never give up, and don't lose your way.
File: I'm_dissapointed.jpg (46.87 KB, 704x396)
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>wavy scarf/cloak/cape that is always blowing in the wind, preferably red
>color coordinated costume/uniform
>preplanned Justice speech for every occasion
>theme song with any combination of the words Spirit, Heart, Soul, Burning and at least 3 lines about Not Giving Up
>optional: transformation sequence, screaming special moves, actual Justice
File: JUSTICE.gif (1.33 MB, 1364x3836)
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1.33 MB GIF
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Enough weapons to blow up a city.
Kiritsugu was nothing more than a murderer. There was no justice in his actions. The same applies to archer. There was literally no difference between them and someone like Ryƫnosuke.
>Trap Saber
I'm sure they could do it. They've got material to work with, heroes they haven't tapped.
File: 1347589804923.jpg (504.25 KB, 500x1969)
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The true meaning is having impeccable aim
This raises an interesting question, would a hit on a seagull be enough to trigger the impact fuse?
Someone who enforces their own ideals, never compromising in the face of adversity and inspires others.

Basically, autists with firepower.
And then they magically come back to life.
>going on a mission on a plane
>not bringing a parachute
nah he openly admitted that he comes after kiritsugus ideals and would always weight the needs of the many over the needs of the few. he will always sacrifice anyone to achieve his goal. aslong as he saves one more then he kills he will be satisfied.

this is some fucked up sense of justice. shirou did good in punching some sense back into him in UBW.
File: 39772108.jpg (355.40 KB, 770x865)
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Saving people! And not compromising on saving people. And never giving up. And having a cool cape.
fate zero was awesome exept this one fucking scene. THIS ONE FUCKING SCENE. why didnt he just tell natalia to jump off he couldnt let that plane land in the middle of a city or hey land that plane outside of the city so we can clean up the mess.

this problem could have been solved without sacrificing natalia.
The details are not fucking important, the whole point is that he has to sacrifice people to save other people.
go back and watch it again. she said that she was prepared to skydive off. there was no hidden meaning in natalias words of coming home. kiritsugu that bastard just decided behind her back that he couldnt let her land that plane in a city.

i guess natalia only wanted to land plane beacue the body of her target was necessary to get the bounty. they even prepared an ambulance etc. to secure the body afterwards.
which is quite retarded.
Well, he IS a retard.
File: skydive.png (757.16 KB, 1280x720)
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She says the exact opposite.
Having to sacrifice the few to save the many is kind of an important theme throughout the series.
hmm i should not have watched the whole thing in one run.
I think the problem with wanting to be utilitarian by saving more people at the cost of others is that it assumes all people are equal in value.

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