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Stop making this stupid thread.
You have a population of 5 million. 12 percent or 600,000 are immigrants. There's a reason why you now have a center-right party that just instituted an immigration clampdown.

Projects need money to make. Politicians being competent does not magically create money. Politicians being competent make them efficient spenders of money, they cannot by themselves create the funding necessary to build projects. You would still need oil to do anything.

I thought you didn't know what a slum was because you said "country" segregation. In the Chinese countryside, there are many regions that are Han Chinese and still dirt poor.

Still there are also slums in Chinese cities.
It's normal for slums to exist. It's just a lot of people try to say slums aren't exactly slums.
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Seeing that this has turned into an asian circlejerk thread, is it true that Jackie Chan is a staunch supporter of the Chinese government and is quite hated on for this?

I always liked that guy so this was news to me.
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Why would anybody do that? Not?

>Still there are also slums in Chinese cities.
Yes, but compared to the slum growth in countries like fucking Brazil? No. Its technically not slums on the same scale.
In China, I witnessed the trial of a fellow who'd caught his wife performing with the lodger, and done for them both with an axe. They tried him for murder by throwing the victims' heads into a tub of water and stirring it; the two heads ended up floating face to face, which proved the adulterers' affection, so the prisoner was acquitted and given a reward for being a virtuous husband. That was, as I recall, the only Chinese trial I attended where the magistrate and witnesses had not been bribed
>Most Jav actresses are actually korean...
nice troll. too bad 1 in 20 japanese women have participated in japan's sex industry in some form or another, from compensated dating to soapland to porn.
>richard simmons
literally dare?
at least japanese girls dont have such manfaces as koreans. japanese only fix their eyes and teeth in plastic surgery. koreans have to fix their whole face
it looks like a tail of a small animal.
god damn savages. Nice green text btw.
So how new are you?

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