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So, I've previously watched all of the animated portions of the Eva franchise that have come out so far, but since it's been so many years since I last saw the original I feel like diving back in again. However, I'd kinda like to tread somewhat new ground in it rather than just watch the original anime for the third time.

So, my question is: how's the manga? I've heard that it has some neat differences from the show.

In addition, are there any other things that have spawned from the franchise that I should check out? Visual Novels? Games? Artbooks? etc.
manga is better than the anime imo

also original tv series BDs with extra scenes and stuff fucking when
The manga pales in comparison to the show, but it's worth checking out at least.

If you're into production sketches, pencil masters, and early designs, there's a couple interesting artbooks with that stuff
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This book in particular is a great read if you're into animation at all
Personally i found the manga to be, for some aspects, even slightly better than the animated counterpart.

Cuts out unnecessary angels, Shinji is a bit less pathetic, and some important parts of the story are exposed better.

(for reference, it follows episodes 1-24 of TV series, then EoE up until the Sea of Life scene, then have a slightly different ending)
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I'm actually studying animation and art in general, so I'll definitely check these out! Thanks for the recommendations.


I think I'll check out the manga, then. I'm interested in seeing the story executed in a different fashion despite it apparently being largely the same.
Most of the games aren't any good, and even less of them have been translated, so for my money, you can skip em
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Well, I only read the first 3 volumes so far Omnibus release, but I can definitely recommend it, even though the animu is better in my opinion. It's a good read, a lot of scenes play out slightly differently, and character motivations and thoughts have been made more obvious, which can be a negative or a positive.
The 3-in-1 release also includes plenty of colour pages, articles and interviews so it's well worth the money.
I found the manga to be the superior version as well (especially after EoE begins)

Gonna read it again soon, while hearing the original OST

Manga is okay but not as good as the anime from my personal taste.The characters behave a bit different and the end is pretty lame.


So don't bother. They were mostly shit.

Good amount of non official stuff that is a lot better than the games.

Something like the Re-Take(all ages) manga. >600 pages with even an own OST shits crazy.

There are also a few surprisingly decent written fan stories that were created out of years of work, go for the ones with massive amount of favs to find those 5 out of 1000

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