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Yesterday someone mentioned the Kurumi didn't have spirit eyes most of the time but I checked and I can't find any LN art where she does. The anime shows her with spirit eyes when she use her Angel but if you look closely she doesn't have them in the LN.
Look at her golden eye. Does it not look like a spirit eye to you?
All her spirit energy is poured into one eye.
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Tohka is best girl
I raped her
File: 1371591896655.jpg (492.02 KB, 1278x2705)
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You may rape her with your eyes all you want.
Her pure heart will be mine~
Tohka hi-jack?
Go back to /b/
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File: DAL_V8_091.jpg (990.84 KB, 1133x1599)
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I was looking though more LN pics and I noticed that Natsumi as Shidou has spirit eye. Which make me wounder if there even viable in universe.
File: 34488321.jpg (1.09 MB, 1900x1344)
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1.09 MB JPG
I think you are over thinking it.
File: 1389224045629.jpg (73.23 KB, 490x450)
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73.23 KB JPG
Origami is best girl.
I think you are over thinking him over thinking it.
File: 35806136.png (1.38 MB, 600x800)
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1.38 MB PNG
Robo-Origami > shit > Origami

Why is Robo so much better than the original?
File: 35115647.jpg (394.85 KB, 600x800)
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394.85 KB JPG
- Polite
- Friendly
- Maiden at heart
Most of all she is more normal than other girls.
File: 35593738.png (322.60 KB, 595x842)
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322.60 KB PNG
Kurumi a best
File: Chiyogami-1388552665892.jpg (251.46 KB, 1002x1411)
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251.46 KB JPG
Chiyogami a best.
So… is Yoshino Highschool still needed?
Check pic related.

Also, I believe the anime differentiates the real Kurumi from her clones with the spirit eye. The real Kurumi will always have the white pupils under all circumstances.
File: spirit eyes.jpg (1.48 MB, 2243x1600)
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1.48 MB JPG
Forgot pic. I need sleep.
Okay, it's going to be a bit slow, though.
Yoshino Highschool

- Yoshino hid herself and waited for a talking voice to get pass her inside a small, narrow space with only little light shining in from a small opening. After those voice disappeared, Yoshinon said to Yoshino with a small voice that they have already gone.
- Yoshino pushed the door in front of her, looking left and right to confirm that nobody is around and walk outside the locker she were in. Yoshino closed the door quietly and looked around. She is now inside a facility with a long, large hallway spread to her left and right with windows along its way. Yoshino feel creepy at the organized looks of the facility, as if it is a research facility of a mad scientist.

'Phew… that was close. We're almost get caught.'
"Yes… that was close…"
'I'm glad there is a place to hide nearby. Let's hurry!'
"O… Okay!"

- Yoshino nodded at Yoshinon and hold a bag on her right hand tight. Yoshino is currently in a middle of a very important mission from <Fraxinas>—a mission to sneak into this facility.

- Few minutes ago on <Fraxinas>. In a bridge with a tense atmosphere, commander Itsuka Kotori—a girl with a black ribbon tied to her hair and wearing a red jacket—whose her age doesn't seems any different from Yoshino—said to Yoshino with a pressing voice.

"This is a very important mission. We have to send our agent into the corresponding facility, make contact with the target and come back after deliverying the classified package. It may sounds simple, but the mission is very hard. Time limit is 3 hours from now. If the mission ended up as a failure, at worst, everything around the facility might burned to the ground. —Can I ask you for this mission, Yoshino?"
"Y… yes… I will do it… please… let me do it…"
"Even though it was me who asked you for this, are you really okay?"
"Uu…" Yoshino hangs her head.
'It is okay, Yoshino! Yoshinon is with you!'
"U… un! Please… let me do it…. I want… to be useful… to… everyone…"
- Heard that, Kotori told Kannaduki to retrieve the bag and hand it over to Yoshino. Kotori warned Yoshino that she must be very careful with the package as if it is a nitroglycerin or a sleeping baby, and she must never open it before she gets in contact with the target. Even though Yoshino don't understand what nitroglycerin is, she nodded to Kotori with an understanding that the package must be treat with extreme careful.
- After seeing Yoshino's nod, Kotori then ordered Kannaduki to hand Yoshino a similar-looking clothing and a waist porch. Yoshino asked Kotori what are they, Kotori explained that the cloth is for sneaking in and inside the waist porch there are 3 secret weapons for escaping in case of emergency.

"Good. Yoshino, please change your clothes in 5 minutes. We don't have much time. —Everyone prepare the teleporter. We will start the mission as soon as Yoshino finished changing her clothes."
"Moving to the target airspace."

- Kotori nodded to the crew and raised her thumb to Yoshino.

"—I'm leaving this to you, Yoshino and Yoshinon. The peace of Tenguu City is in your hands."
"Y… yes…!"

- Yoshino looked around while walking in the hallway. While there's nobody nearby, an indistinct voice and a noise could be heard from the surroundings. Yoshino can't help but feel creepy at the possibility of she is being watched.

"Yoshinon… this place… is strange…"
'I agree. It feels mysterious, as if they are doing some suspicious research, like the show you watched with Shidou-kun earlier on. Remember? That mad scientist who endlessly continued his human experiment and ended up creating a monster…'
"S-stop it, Yoshinon…"
'Ahahaha, that was a joke.'
That's more crazy eyes then spirit eyes.

The anime seems to give her spirit eyes randomly the first two time she was shown with spirit eyes were definitely clones as Mana kill them (ep7-12:40, ep9-00:31) then during the fight two Kurumis are show with spirit eyes (pic).
The theory that only Original has spirit eye is my favorite theory but the anime doesn't follow that theory. It also means the Rooftop is on the cover.
I only know that Kurumi a shit that panders to masochists
Yeah, I thought it was quite clear that Rooftop was the one on the cover.

I'm not saying only Original has spirit eyes. I'm saying only Original has them on all the time. Her clones may have it on or off. Usually on when they're using their Spirit powers and going crazy mode.
- After some slight chat, Yoshinon confirms Yoshino about their destination. Yoshino answered that they must head to the third floor, and that Kotori suggested them to went upstair first. After Yoshino looked into the hallway, she heard a voice coming her way.
- Yoshino looked around but can't found any place to hide. Yoshinon suggested her to run back the way they came from. After Yoshino nodded to Yoshinon's suggestion, however, footsteps could also be heard on her back. Yoshino's eyes spin in confusion. Yoshinon then tell Yoshino to use the secret weapon Kotori gave her.
- After nodding at Yoshinon's suggestion, Yoshino placed the bag on the floor and took a pack of cloth from her waist porch. Yoshino turned her back to the wall and spread the cloth from its upper tip together with Yoshinon, covering their bodies as if they are performing a Hiding Art of Japanese Ninja.
- Yoshino hold her breath. She then heard a sound of footsteps from her left and right. The sound of footsteps stopped in front of her. Yoshino's heart started beating fast. Scared that she might be discovered, Yoshino started shivering.

"…What is this?"
"No idea…"
"Should we take attention?"
"No… I think not. It is a personal hobby anyway…"

- After hearing those chat, Yoshino could heard the footsteps walking away. Yoshino feels relieved and put down the cloth that is covering her. Yoshinon then said Kotori's secret weapon is really amazing. That nobody could even noticed Yoshino were there. However, Yoshino were not so sure about that, but perhaps it is only her imagination.
- Yoshino fold the cloth and put it back into her waist porch, pick up the bag on the floor and started walking to her destination again. While walking upstairs, Yoshino bumped into a woman, who is walking downstair. Although the glasses-wearing woman looks gentle, for Yoshino who is introvert and under a mission, she can't help but feel the woman is a demon.
File: 1382726957619.jpg (322.37 KB, 1280x720)
322.37 KB
322.37 KB JPG
How about go fuck yourself and take your plebeian taste with you?
"That uniform… are you our student? No… from that looks, you seems to be a middle school student or an elementary school student… why are you here…" The glasses-wearing woman then walk to Yoshino.
'She is attacking! Let's escape, Yoshino!' Yoshino attempted to run away, but she tripped and fell down.
"A-are you okay!?"

- The woman ran to Yoshino with a worrying looks and reached out her hands. Yoshino stepped back trying to escape from her. The next moment, Yoshinon bite the woman's hand before it could reach Yoshino and tell Yoshino to run away. Yoshino stand up, grabbed the bag and ran away. Even still, the woman is not giving up.

"Ah… you! Please wa~it! Why are you running away~!"
'Crap! She is chasing us! Let's escape somewhere!'
"Even you said somewhere…"
'Yoshino! Inside that room!'
"U… un!"

- Yoshino then escaped into the room nearby per Yoshinon's suggestion. Although nobody's in the room, Yoshino feels uncanny at the plaster figures and pictures lying by the wall. Since the woman is chasing them, they can't stayed here for too long. Yoshinon then came up with an idea.

'Yoshino! Let's use that weapon No.2 Kotori-chan gave us!'
'Yes! That Deadly Powder Bomb!'

- Yoshino took the Deadly Powder Bomb from her waist porch and hid herself inside the room, waiting for the pursuer. Yoshino's plan is to throw the powder bomb when the pursuer get into the middle of the room and make an escape while the pursuer's vision is blocked.
- However… since Yoshino is in hurry, she dropped the powder bomb to her feet. A white powder scatterred around her blocking her vision for a moment. Yoshinon asked Yoshino if she is okay. Yoshino answered, with a despair feeling, that she is okay.
- While Yoshino is in panic, the sound of footsteps could be heard getting closer. Seeing that, Yoshinon then pointed her finger inside the room. There are many plaster figures placed over there.
Any more of these?
File: 1389487299761.jpg (71.89 KB, 530x460)
71.89 KB
71.89 KB JPG
Kurumi Clone > Original
The original is edgy cunt that don't deserve to be forgiven.
File: DAL (66).jpg (300.68 KB, 1600x1360)
300.68 KB
300.68 KB JPG
Thanks for this anon.
Cutest DAL.
>Suddenly power outage

"Eh…? That…?"
'No time to talk, quickly get over there!'
"Eh? U-un… " Yoshino followed Yoshinon's instruction and stand next to the plaster figure.
'Then take some pose! Anything is fine!'
"L-like this…?"
'Okay, then stop!'

- Yoshino stopped at Yoshinon's shout. She then realized that Yoshinon is suggesting her to mimic the plaster figure with her looks—that is currently being covered with the powder—and wait for the pursuer to passed by. Yoshino admired Yoshinon's judgement ability at how she could turned a failed plan into another one.
- The door open the next moment. The woman walked to Yoshino and asked what she is doing. Yoshino susprised at how she could be found out so fast and fall down from the shelf she were on. The woman asked Yoshino again if she is okay, but Yoshino could only cowered in fear. Yoshinon surprised and suggested that this woman is not just a normal person.
- The woman is drawing near Yoshino and Yoshino fell on her bottom. The moment Yoshino is despairing at the situation, Yoshinon shouted and tell her to open the waist porch and take out the final secret weapon. Yoshino, while still don't know what to do, followed Yoshinon's instruction.
- Yoshinon shoved herself into the porch then jumped into the woman closing her mouth. The woman struggled for a moment then fell down to the floor. Yoshino touched her face and realized that she has completely lost her conscious. Yoshino got scared and look at Yoshinon.

"Y-Yoshinon… what was that…?"
'The final weapon Kotori-chan gave us! The name is chlor… *ahem* a Charming Super Pheromone!'

- Yoshino puzzled and put her face near Yoshinon. A stimulated smell could be smell from near her stomach. Yoshino realized it must be some kind of medicine. Yoshinon then urged Yoshino to quickly escape from here. Yoshino grabbed the bag and leave the room.
File: date-a-live-stitch_016.jpg (244.66 KB, 1232x2057)
244.66 KB
244.66 KB JPG
>While walking upstairs, Yoshino bumped into a woman, who is walking downstair. Although the glasses-wearing woman looks gentle, for Yoshino who is introvert and under a mission, she can't help but feel the woman is a demon.
Smart girl. Stay far away.
Maybe her clock eye is her sephira stone or something? And she was probably originally a human I bet.
- Yoshino took a deep breath trying to calm down. Yoshinon wonders what that woman would do to Yoshino if she get caught, considering how persistent she was on catching Yoshino. Yoshino frown her eyebrows. She didn't asked Kotori what would happened if she get caught. While Yoshino feels uneasy at the situation, Yoshinon laughed.

'Ahahaha, sorry, sorry. Looks like I scared you a bit too much. It's okay, Kotori-chan won't send Yoshino to a dangerous place.'
"T-that's right…"
'Right, right. At most maybe we will get scolded at, but there is no way we will get torture or get our stomach ripped open while alive.'

- Yoshino feels better upon hearing Yoshinon's words and continued walking in the hallway. After a short while, Yoshino reached a room with a large door and a "Biology Room" label on it. Yoshino could hear a voice from the other side of the wall.
- Yoshinon then told Yoshino to be careful. When Yoshino is walking pass the door, "Gyaa" a screaming voice could be heard from the room. Yoshino choaked, but Yoshinon suggested her that they still haven't been found. Although they have to hurry, Yoshino get curious at the screaming voice and peek into the room.
- Inside the room, there are dozens of people inside. Everyone is listening carefully to the elder in a white coat. Yoshino choaked when she looked into the elder's hand. Over there, there is a frog with its stomach ripped open. When the elder said something and pick the frog with a small blade on his hand, the frog's leg moves as if it is reacting to the elder's action.

'Ew… how cruel.'
"W-what are they doing… these people…"
'Hmm… I wonder. Doesn't looks like they're cooking.'
"D-don't tell me… Frog-san sneaked in here like us and got caught…?" Yoshino asked with her eyes opens wide.
'No way, no way. There's no way that could be'
"T-that's right…"
"What is it, Yoshinon…?"
'Yoshino! Don't look!'
That's probably why she can blend in more easily into human society than the other non-human sperits. Or maybe consuming humans would make her take on more human characteristics.
I don't think so, her clones are too chuni. I think she took the powers thinking it would be cool due to her being a chuni before, but being chased by DEM made her change her mind and twisted her personality.
File: 1389133298454.gif (1000.57 KB, 500x282)
1000.57 KB
1000.57 KB GIF
Wow that makes me love her even more. I love dem chuu2 girls.
You don't know what that means apparently
"......Well, I can definitely hide it if I use this."

At Kurumi's words, her clones started to voice out their excitement.

"Fufu, isn't she charming?"

"That's right. It's as though the power of darkness resides in her left eye."

"It's the eye of the devil. The eye of demons. Aaah, aaah, my heart is fluttering."


Kurumi wordlessly took off her eyepatch, using her hair to cover her left eye.
Iirc Kurumi was the first DAL ever, she was one of the author's chuu2 fantasies.
God what a fatty.
I want to stick it in her.
File: 040.jpg (409.88 KB, 1280x720)
409.88 KB
409.88 KB JPG
Heard about how she's among his favorites and all, and how it all started well before DAL was even conceived.

Kurumi to me is just so perfect, even if she's fucked in the head. I still like her anyway.
- Even though Yoshinon tried to stop Yoshino, it was too late. When Yoshino looked inside the room again, she found something inside the room and fell down on her bottom. At the tip of her eyesight, there is a human with half of his skin peel off and internal organs shown openly, and a skeletonized dead body. Both are locked in a standing posture, as if they are being shown as example.

"T-that is… the one who got caught…? W-what should we do, Yoshinon…?"

- Yoshino said while shivering in fear. Yoshino thought her fear was right. Anyone who sneaked in without permission will got their skin peel off and being shown as an example. Yoshinon tried to calm down Yoshino, but Yoshino asked her back what else that might be. Yoshinon couldn't answered. Yoshino thought she must quickly accomplish her mission and escape from here.
- The next moment, a "Ding-Dong" alarm could be heard all over the building. Yoshino looked to her left and right. Not too long, she heard a sound of chair moving. The next moment, all doors along the hallway opened. Humans inside rushed outside the room.
- Yoshino cowered and thought up of a possibility—that the alarm might be when they caught an intruder, since the alarm sounds familiar to the one she heard inside <Fraxinas>. Those humans must be an agent sent to caught Yoshino.
- Realizing that, Yoshino quickly run away. However, there is no way she could completely escaped from such amount of people. Everyone who noticed Yoshino looked at her.

"What is that?"
"Why is there a kid in a high school? Sensei's daughter?"
"Ah, that puppet on her left hand, how cute!"

- Although Yoshino couldn't hear what they said, it's no doubt that they probably yell at each other "It's her!" or "Catch her!" or "Peel her skin!". Yoshino run away inside the hallway. However—

"Aww! Mai, Mii! Look at that!"
"Gyaa! What is that cute being!?"
"Catch her! Formation Delta!"
Oh Ai, Mai and Mii...
>Formation Delta
They are too prepared for this...
>since the alarm sounds familiar to the one she heard inside <Fraxinas>.
>Being scared of a fire-drill alarm.
So cute.
File: date-a-live-stitch_045.jpg (266.54 KB, 1279x1743)
266.54 KB
266.54 KB JPG
>it's no doubt that they probably yell at each other "It's her!" or "Catch her!" or "Peel her skin!"
I want to get under her skin.
If you know what I mean.
- Three girls in front of Yoshino jumped into her. Yoshino quickly stopped running. Those three girls fell down on their face.

"Too soon!"
"In front of cute things!"
"We don't feel any pain!"

- Three girls stood up and surround Yoshino. While Yoshino and Yoshinon are in panic, three girls hold their hands and started circling around them.

"Gyaaaaaaaaaa! She talked!"
"Wow, your ventriloquism skill is amazing!"
"Can you do something else!?"

- Said that, three girls then started to get their hands on Yoshino. They started combing Yoshino's hair with their hands, patting Yoshinon, and touching her face.

"Aww! Your hair is really glossy!"
"The puppet is so fluffy!"
"The face is really Puni Puni soft!"

- Three girls played around with Yoshino and Yoshinon with a rapture looks. Yoshinon tried to use that chlor-something with them like what she did to the woman, but her body is completely locked.

'Gyaa! Where are you touching! Ecchi!'
"A… ah… ah…"

- Yoshino shook off their hands and ran away from the three.

"Ah! She escaped!"
"Let me Fluffy Fluffy you more!"
"Puni Puniiiiiiiiiiiii!"

- Yoshino run away with all her might even though such shouting could be heard from her back. When Yoshino glanced after her back, she bumped into a girl in her front. Even though Yoshino did not fell, she choaked with her eyes opens wide in despair when she saw the girl's face.

"—<Hermit>? Why are you here?"

- Yoshino could remembered the face. She is Tobiichi Origami, AST's member whose objective is to kill spirits—like Yoshino. Yoshino's memory before her power was sealed by Shidou flashed back into her head. Large amount of bullets pouring down on her. The killing intent. Humans in a machine armor.
- That moment, Yoshino's fear reach its peak. Yoshinon said something, but Yoshino couldn't hear it. Yoshino feels something warm is pouring into her. The next moment, the temperature went down as if the whole school has been put into a refrigerator.
Why do you have to traumatize little girls Origami?!
>Puni Puni
What does that mean exactly?
Soft, fluffy, squishy.
File: date-a-live-stitch_058.jpg (323.56 KB, 1279x1890)
323.56 KB
323.56 KB JPG
>The next moment, the temperature went down as if the whole school has been put into a refrigerator.
File: fluster.png (3.76 KB, 284x230)
3.76 KB
3.76 KB PNG
>Yoshino feels something warm is pouring into her
Like holding hands?
"This is…!"

- Origami said with a panic voice. Water is pouring down from faucets among the wall and sprinklers on the cieling. The next moment—

"What… Yoshino!?"

- A familiar voice could be heard from her back. When Yoshino looked at that direction, she saw her "target" and smiled with a relief. However, the next moment, part of the cieling that collapsed due to bursting water pipe is falling down to her.
- The target shouted "Yoshinoooo!" Yoshino cowered herself and closed her eyes. However, the next thing came to her was not an impact from building material, but rather a feeling that she had been hugged by someone. Yoshino then feel a dull impact on her back as if she had been pushed down.
- When Yoshino open her eyes, she found the "target's" face in front of her.

"Shi-Shidou… san…"
"Ou! Aw… that hurts… are you okay, Yoshino?"
"Y-yes… thank you very much… b-but… um…"

- Yoshino said with an embarassing voice. When Shidou helped Yoshino, Yoshino's skirt rolled up and Shidou's hand is thrusting into it.

"I'm sorry!"
"U… um, that's okay." Yoshino fixed her skirt with her face in red.
"So, why is Yoshino here?"

- Shidou scratched his cheek and said with a puzzled voice. The next moment, a voice of another "target"—Tohka's voice could be heard from their back.

"Na…! Tobiichi Origami! What did you do to Yoshino!"
"I didn't do anything. <Hermit> bumped into me."

- Origami answered with a calm voice. Tohka looked at her suspiciously. Shidou looked at them two and turned his eyes back to Yoshino then asked her.

"So, what are you doing here?"
"U-um… I-I came here to deliver this, …!"
- Yoshino answered while sniffing. In the middle of her answered, she looked into her hands. Even though the bag is still in her right hand, it might be soaked with water with the trouble earlier on. However, when she looked at it, Yoshinon is protecting the bag from the water.

'Phew, I made it in time.'
'Ya- the bag might be soaked a little bit, but the content should be safe.'
"T-thank you…"

- Yoshino rubbed Yoshinon's cheek (although she smell a stimulated smell from Yoshinon) and handed over the bag to Shidou.

"Um… Shidou-san… this…"
"Eh? This is…?" Shidou open the bag and acts surprised "Mine and Tohka's lunch? …Eh? Did I forgot to bring my lunch…?"

- Shidou then realized that he didn't bring his lunch and thanked Yoshino for it.
- Yoshino is happy at Shidou's gentleness and ashamed of herself. Yoshino then put her face downward and started crying.

"Y-Yoshino!? Why are you crying!?"
"I'm… sorry… I'm… always useless… and… wanted to… be… useful to… Shidou-san… just once… so… I asked… them… to… bring… me… to the… school… but… in the end… I cause… everyone… a trouble…"
"Yoshino. You are not useless. Thank you, you really did helped me."
"We almost have to skip lunch if you don't come here. And what would happened to Tohka… You see?" Shidou looked at Tohka. Tohka nodded in agreement in hurry.
"Mu… Umu. That's right. If Yoshino weren't here, then we're in big trouble."
"Eh… um…"
"So don't say you're useless again. I really thank you."

- Shidou then patted Yoshino on her head. Yoshino widen her eyes, sniffed her nose and nodded with a smile on her face.


- Although Shidou and Tohka could have their lunch for that day— the fact that Shidou is starting to get suspicion of being a Lolicon is yet another story.

Thank you very much anon.
Isn't he favouring Tohka now?
File: turn_on.png (13.62 KB, 477x375)
13.62 KB
13.62 KB PNG
>When Shidou helped Yoshino, Yoshino's skirt rolled up and Shidou's hand is thrusting into it.
Yes, but that's cause Tohka is the main character. Of course he's going to favor her. But I've had the suspicion that Kurumi is Tachibana's waifu.
Seems pretty inconsistent to me.
So faptastic. Kurumi is pretty much waifu material from the get-go.
Retarded hair, shitty voice.
So she's been with him after all this time?
From interview:
>Tachibana: In that meaning, Kurumi might be my favorite, or rather, she might be the one I'm the most attached to.
He already had Kurumi save the day in Vol. 7, and she wasn't even expected to appear at all.
Would you date a clock?
No, I'd much rather date a slut or a retard, or maybe even a bitch.
File: 047a.jpg (459.34 KB, 1280x720)
459.34 KB
459.34 KB JPG
Of course I would. Who wouldn't?
File: Dat Panda Bowl.jpg (410.07 KB, 1920x1080)
410.07 KB
410.07 KB JPG
Not sure if I can fuck that. But twintails though....
Now that I think about it, do Isaac, Ellen, Woodman, and Jessica all speak English primarily or are they just speaking Japanese just because? Because Jessica doesn't strike me as the type to learn English. And it seems strange that Mana would be fluent in english.
Er I mean learn Japanese for Jessica.
Twintails a shit. Kotori a shit.
Mana is a lot worse than Kotori. And I'm not a Kotorifag.
This guy is baiting again, isn't he?
File: 054a.jpg (389.67 KB, 1280x720)
389.67 KB
389.67 KB JPG

Just ignore it.
I want to fuck Kotori so bad.
I know. Perfect for loli rape.
File: tUuC6VV.jpg (64.60 KB, 504x457)
64.60 KB
64.60 KB JPG
Yesu. Mana can join as well.
What are Kotori and Mana's sizes?
File: Pic003.jpg (170.91 KB, 833x1200)
170.91 KB
170.91 KB JPG
Petite Perfect.
Kotori shoop with Mana's mole, hair and eye color where?
Why is this thread so slow?
Kotori with Mana's mole, eyes, and hair color, but keep twintails. Mana with Kotori's hair color and eyes.
I suppose weekend DAL threads are like that.
Sunday. It'll be back to normal tomorrow.
College starts for me tomorrow. so I've been picking up books etc.
>tfw dorm
In Mana short story, it's explicitly stated that they are speaking English.
I would not be surprised if Mana is fluent in English.
They are both so smug looking. They both need dicking.
File: 1387492682929.jpg (94.53 KB, 500x500)
94.53 KB
94.53 KB JPG
Best girl.
I'm sure a threesome would be a great bonding experience for them both.
Go away.
Not just that, but also if they speak English to each other such as when Westcott talks to Ellen or Woodman. Plus she learned English extremely fast. Doubt she can read it though.
I wouldn't precisely say I want to rape Kotori, but if I came across her naked like that I don't know if I could control myself.
>tfw no one wanted to DAL it up
I would have bumped it, but I just got the most bullshit unjust ban ever.

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